Navigating Seasons of Change with Grace

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Several months ago, Laura, my church friend, asked if I would speak at the Chosen Conference, an event she was hosting for Christian women. She asked me to speak on navigating seasons of change with grace and I marked my calendar for January 12, 2019.

Neither of us knew that one of the biggest changes of my life would happen with our precious Taylor girl entering heaven just 10 days before I was scheduled to speak.

While I was a bit on the fence about whether or not I would still be able to speak at the event, my #1 encourager, my awesome husband, Matt, made it clear that he felt the Lord was going to use the message and I needed to be there.

I prayed and begged God to show up. I knew that I couldn’t do this; only He could. And I’m so very thankful He did.

I pray the Lord continues to use our family’s story, Taylor’s story, to bring folks to light and love.

By his grace,



  1. Shari Chang says:

    Dear Rachel, I just viewed this video and have been so very very moved and overcome with emotion that includes pain, love, sorrow and grief.
    We lost our special needs son Derek 3 yrs ago when he was 23 . As you spoke about Taylor, her joy, her happy spirit, her love for life, that was our Derek. He just exuded joy & Love and had an impact on so many many people. I know in my heart that’s why god blessed us with Derek, our earthly angel, showing so many others gods love. The same it sounds like with Taylor. I feel your pain, there is absolutely nothing worse than loosing a child. Even when I know he is in the most besutiful place, heaven and is watching over me and my family… is still so very painful. God bless you for sharing Taylor’s life. I have been trying to write a book called Derek’s recipe for life….love, joy and grace but it’s taking me a long time. But now with your sharing, I feel I can write more. There’s so much to say about gods special needs family and also more to say about loosing a child of god. I don’t know why I turned on the radio the other day and got the end of your interview with focus on the family. But I did and I am blessed to feel his comfort through your pain if you know what I mean. Our angels have spoken and will always have something to say, and that’s a comfort. God bless you & prayers for healing & comfort. ??? Shari

  2. I would love to view this video, unfortunately I have tried everything and can’t get it to play. It wants me to save it to my Pinterest board, which I have done and still won’t give me the option to play.

    1. I’m sorry you had trouble. It’s hard to know what the trouble is with all the many different devices and configurations, but this video is also available on YouTube: Hope this helps you!

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