Mother’s Day Poem Craft

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Mother’s Day is close to my heart for so many reasons. 7 reasons for sure- my kiddos. Maybe 8- I have a son-in-law too; he’s a good guy. 😉

On a more serious note, my mom is in Heaven and for that reason, I encourage you to take the time to love on your mom if she’s still living. No matter if she’s near or far, make sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her!

There are all kinds of ways to simply express appreciation and love to moms. My husband wrote a Mother’s Day Poem last year and I just love it! For this sweet mother’s day poem craft, here are 4 EASY steps to the instructions.

1. Print the free printable. It’s black and white so no fancy printer needed. Just click HERE or on the graphic below to open the .PDF. mothers day 2. Use a green washable marker to color the tips of your child’s fingers. Then fingerprint the tree portion of the printable to “make leaves.” We also found that a green ink pad worked well too, as long as you quickly wash off the ink after making the fingerprints.

3. Sign the artwork in maestro form (or not.)

4. Frame the print and be sure to give to Mom with lots of hugs and kisses. finished mothers day craft   This would be great to do in a Sunday School class, Mom’s Day Out child care or Dads- you could do this for Mom! I think this would be an especially fun and meaningful craft and gift to create with preschoolers.

That’s all for today, Friends!

See you tomorrow!



  1. Laurie Burchfield says:

    I was sitting with my husband – reading another one of your poems and this one popped up. By itself or with Gods hand this poem came up on the screen. It made me cry and I knew it was perfect for my 7 – 8 year old Sunday School class. Thank you so much… You are a vessel God is using. Bless your sweet heart… Laurie

  2. Hi Rachel! What a great poem and gift! I am gonna make them with my grandsons for my daughter and see if we can make them with the children at school. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Theresa L says:

    This is so cute! I teach a class of 2 year olds at my church and this will be perfect for them. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the reminder for all to love on their moms. Never take your mom for granted but bless her everyday as a way to honor her which then honors God. Great craft idea!

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