A Morning Prayer

If you are a morning person, then I’m just a bit jealous of you. I try to be a morning person. Seriously, I do. But I don’t like to talk to anyone in the mornings for at least 45 minutes after I wake up. I’m guessing that makes me not so much a morning person. My husband is good with it; we’re perfectly happy not talking to each other for the first 45 minutes or so of the day.

But there’s one thing that changes my perspective each day- prayer. There is nothing like a morning prayer to get your heart in line with what God has for you for the day. I often fall asleep praying and I think it helps me to wake up praying- even though I’m not a morning person.

So on this Whimsical Wednesday, I’m sharing a morning prayer with you. Use it as your own, print it as a reminder, or save it on your phone. Whatever you do, pray a morning prayer- and see the difference it makes in your day.

Lord Jesus,
I praise you for the gift of another day-
For your mercies new each morning.
My eyes are open and my heart is beating;
Each of those mean you have a plan for me.
This minute. This hour. This day.
I don’t know every step of your plan for today
But I know it will be for my good.
And I’m confident it will be for your glory.
Will you lead me, Jesus? I need you.
Will you order my steps, each one?
May your love flow through me
And may I embrace every opportunity
To share your love with others.





  1. I’m still not a morning person, though I am better than I used to be! (Thank goodness for coffee!)

    Loved your prayer. Many mornings I am greeted with this nagging sense of anxiety, and it’s hard for me to get up and face the day. Your prayer helped me re-focus today. Yes, if I’m here, the Lord has plans…


  2. Rachel, I hear ya! I too cannot speak or even look at someone in the morning, too funny. God bless you for this morning prayer!

  3. Oh Rachel, I felt led this morning to find that very verse from Lamentations and read it to my kids this morning. And here I see it again in your morning prayer. Indeed His mercies are new every morning and it gives such hope.

  4. Well said, Rachel. Morning prayer definitely helps. Weaving scripture in gives added inner strength.

  5. I am a morning person…but still so need that morning prayer! Thanks for encouraging us all to start out day out right.

  6. Mary Lynn says:

    I would love an hour or more alone in the mornings. Quiet mornings alone with my reading and thoughts make for better interactions later with everyone. I love your prayer. I didn’t get much time alone this am- this never ending cold and snow is getting the best of me. But your morning prayer gave me a little sunshine and was exactly what I needed to pray this am. I got a copy of it in my planner as I head out to PTO and other committee mtgs this am. I am going to need to say this prayer a lot this morning. (2 days out of school and right into the most hectic day of the week-YIKES!) Thanks again!

  7. I wake up extremely happy and ready for the day so I am a morning person but by 8pm I am done 🙂 Thank you for the prayer. It is very nice! Have a beautiful day!

  8. I have always thought of myself as a morning person but in the dead of winter all I want to do is hibernate so I don’t call myself either – morning or night! Enjoy your day and thank you for the prayer. Centering my focus on Jesus allows me to prepare for the day-so needed and so important.

  9. I am a morning person but I have found it harder and harder to have that peace in the morning to get my spirit and body ready for the day. It takes a conserted effort to bring your focus onto Jesus each morning. Love your blogs, so inspiring. Thank you.

  10. Rachel I’m with you on the mornings :o) I have never been very productive before 10am. Lol! I love your morning prayer. It is a keeper.

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