Mom’s Night Out Movie and Whimsical Wednesday

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Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday! Each week we have a linkup party of 100% Christian encouragement and I feel confident that today will be no different. Some fabulous bloggers link up each week and you are so welcome to join us!


Tonight I was privileged to attend a screening of Moms Night Out movie with a friend. We laughed and I actually cried a bit at one point in the movie.

The movie centers around a character named Allyson, who is a stay at home mom with three kids. The internal mind war she encounters each day is relayed in the midst of the craziness of her busy household. While the movie portrays the various stages of motherhood and the daily dilemmas that can escalate quickly, the storyline holds many more interesting twists and turns.

Honestly I was a bit afraid that this movie might bash men as being incapable because there are so many movies that don’t give dads much credit. And my husband is a stellar multi-tasker and one incredible dad. But this movie was a great balance of  the true picture of parenting teamwork. Besides the main characters in the movie, single moms and moms of teenagers  are also saluted.

I truly enjoyed the movie, though it did hold one or two dry moments for me. For the most part, the engagement factor was strong and all in all, I would recommend it for all moms, especially if life is feeling a little stale and you need a good laugh.

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Releasing Mother’s Day weekend, May 9th, this would be a great movie for families, date nights, or obviously, a fun mom’s night out!

Enjoy the preview and be sure to check out the awesome bloggers linking up today!

PS: Trace Adkins is my favorite actor in the movie!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Seeing this movie would be a great mom’s night out. I am so over nightclubs and fancy restaurants.

  2. How wonderful it would be to gather some girlfriends and sit and laugh and enjoy motherhood for a few hours!!! So glad you were able to take part in the screening and I look forward to seeing it myself in May. Dare I say I believe that Winter might be waning and Spring right around the corner??? Happy Wednesday!

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