Make Everyday Count and Make Every Day Count

For a few moments in time, the world stopped and my complete focus was on holding my little bundle of joy. The slight squeak in the padded chair as I rocked my youngest to sleep was hardly even noticed.   The chair swayed gently back and forth, and her gorgeous blue eyes stared into mine.  Gradually her little eyelashes drooped, blinking longer with each sway, until her tiny loving body and spirit drifted off to a gentle, quiet rest.

My heart treasures this time beyond words.


In the Bible, Joseph and Benjamin are named by Jacob as the “children of his old age.”  In Genesis 37-44, Jacob is said to love these two sons more than his other children. We know they are the youngest of his 12 sons, and Jacob was older when these two boys were born…but honestly, I believe that perhaps Jacob’s devotion for these sons stemmed at least partially from his ability to appreciate the young stages of the last sons he would have.

In reflecting on his parenting opportunities, he realized the value of their human spirits.  And the brevity of life.  His determined mind enveloped these blessings from heaven with every inch of depth from his soul.

Perhaps he spoke less of their poor behaviors and savored the opportunity to praise.

Maybe he adored each and every developmental milestone and considered temper tantrums to be an occasion to sculpt character.

My guess is that he embarked on adventures that were uncomfortable and inconvenient- in complete and total self-abandonment.

Jacob loved the boys of his old age because he had achieved the maturity level to understand the vast privilege God gives to us.

When little souls become humans, they are gifts from above, borrowed for a designated period of time.

Our family has an unwritten motto:

Make Every Day Count.

Recently I discovered that Focus on the Family has an awesome slogan they are claiming for families:

Make Everyday Count.

While I want each and every day to be the happiest, fullest, most joyful day we can possibly squeeze from it, how do we do that? By making “EVERYDAY” count.

Focus on the Family suggests five ways to assist your everyday family experiences:





May I encourage you that it is NEVER too late to make everyday count and in turn that will make every day count.

What everyday activity can you begin as a family from the above list to make everyday and  every day count?

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