Made to Have Babies!?

This past Sunday, a very generous compliment was afforded to me.

 “You were made to have babies.”

Wow, I guess you could interpret that many different ways.  And I chose it to say “You make having babies look easy.” 🙂  But how?  If you ask my husband and he doesn’t try to cover for me, he will tell you that I complain ferociously about weight gain with each pregnancy, and that’s seven pregnancies.  My body just doesn’t feel well with extra weight.  Especially 25-30 pounds of extra weight.

With my first child, I gained 48 lbs.  You have to understand that I had been a skinny kid the whole time I was growing up and 48 lbs. was sheer misery.  Not to mention that it took me three years to lose all that weight.   So when my second pregnancy came along, I vowed I would adhere to doctor’s protocol.  Healthy weight gain meant 25-30 lbs.  for pregnancy.  So I followed the basic instructions to manage that weight.  It’s not anything you don’t already know from a physical standpoint…

Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Take vitamins.

Eat healthy meals; you really only need 300-500 calories more per day during pregnancy.  (This means no late night Taco Bell runs.  I know; it hurts.)

Exercise.  Easier said than done.

Bottom line:

Discipline.  You can’t go crazy and eat everything you want.  You can’t be a couch potato with an excuse.

I am two weeks postpartum and I have 8 lbs. to lose.

Why am I talking about all this?

Because I don’t think of myself as a maternity icon by any stretch of the imagination.

This honesty is coming because I want to help other women with weight struggles.

More than that I want to help other women see what the Bible has to say about our ongoing battle with the physical nature.

Whether food is your addiction, or exercise is your addiction, God calls us to live a balanced life.  And the priority of that life is our walk with Him.

Plan to join GROW as we begin a summer study all about satisfying our desires with God!

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  1. I really would love to do that study. Is it something you are doing now or is it something you plan do to in the summer? I came to find you via Heather’s blog.

    1. We are doing the study beginning the first full week of June. As of right now, the day is Thursdays. The other details are in the works. We currently meet at New Grounds Coffeehouse in Hilliard and for this study we will need a tv/dvd. So our location is moving; we should know May 17th. 🙂

    2. The details for the study are up at! 🙂 We’d love to have you!

  2. great post Rachel! balance. love that word. i’m trying to live it 🙂 trying is the key word.

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