Legacy Candle Co. Giveaway!!

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I am always in awe of how God connects his children. He crossed my path with Amber’s when she held a meeting to host the local If:Gathering. Because she was already doing a great work, I joined forces with her last fall to host our local gathering in February. Amber loves the Lord with all her heart and tells everyone about how he is working both in Columbus, OH and overseas through her social enterprise, Legacy Candle Co. She exudes with confidence and joy; you’d never know that she grew up in the foster care system and was homeless for a couple years. God met her on the street and Amber’s life changed. She became a successful nurse and then the Lord called her to work in another side of the healing business- rescuing victims of human trafficking. I adore her incredible redemption story!!



All of Legacy’s candles are hand-poured with 100% soy wax so your candle will burn longer and cleaner. This incredible organization  supports former victims of human trafficking to create products that are globally sourced and locally crafted.


The women they employ in Africa make beautiful beads and other hand crafted items which are then sold locally in Columbus and online!



When Amber and I were both speaking at the Ignite conference a few weeks ago, I told her I wanted to introduce her and her wonderful candles to my community. She graciously offered this fabulous giveaway, valued at $53! Everything you see in the photo below is included: the 8 oz. Amazing Grace candle, 4 oz. Amazing Grace candle in a tin, beautiful hand-crafted bracelet, and gorgeous wooden cross.

legacy giveaway

I had to let you know that my favorite scent at the Legacy Candle Co. is the Honey & Fig. It’s the perfect candle to burn when enjoying a relaxed evening! I keep one in the kitchen on the stove and use it while I am cleaning up after dinner.


And the winner is Mindy, comment left on 6/26! We’ve emailed her. Thanks to all for participating!


So here’s the scoop on the giveaway. Head over to Amber’s site for the Legacy Candle Co. and check out all the scents and goodies. Then come back here and leave a comment to let me know which scent or artisan item interests you the most. This helps me provide more awesome giveaways in the future AND I just know you’re going to love Amber’s mission and products!

On Monday morning at 9 am, one of my assistants, aka children, will choose a random winner from the comments and we’ll announce it Monday.

Have a thriving Thursday!





  1. Mylie Hadden says:

    I love the Lavender Candle and bracelets.

  2. I love lavender candels. .with my cancer just the smell relaxes me …I’m in love with the gorgeous bread bracelets and that cross is amazing. .I collect them…it would make my day to we in ty and god bless

  3. Linda Neely says:

    I really like the wooden African crosses, but I’m a sucker for soy candles as well.

  4. Tammy Townson says:

    That’s so great that her candles are made from soy…so much healthier! I love the name of the Amazing Grace candle! I can imagine with a beautiful name like that it must smell wonderfully sweet & relaxing. The bracelets & crosses are so pretty, too. I especially love the fact that her products help the fight against human trafficking. God bless her!

  5. I love the bangle bracelets and all the scents do seem like they would be great. I think helping in the overwhelming fight against human trafficking is a wonderful way to really help others in this day and time.

  6. I love the bangle bracelets and the honey and fig candle sounds awesome! I just found your website last week and have been so encouraged by it! thank you!

  7. Love the carved wooden crosses. My niece-in-law collects them and am thinking it would be a good birthday present for her. What a mission and good work you are doing Amber! May God continue to bless you.

  8. Susan Blackburn says:

    Definitely the Amazing Grace! If only the true fragrance of that Grace could be reproduced! All the products are lovely!

  9. I love candles and I love the cause even more . What an inspiring story . I love everything in her store ., I would really love to smell the Amazing Grace and Mahogany Teakwood ,I just may purchase both 🙂
    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway
    God Bless you and your family

  10. Marilyn D says:

    I love the Spiced Chai scent. There’s something about chai spices that I find soothing. The crosses in the artisan gallery are beautiful.

  11. Suzanne Watkins says:

    Would love the Amazing Grace or Spiced Chai candle. What a great way to help others!

  12. The lavender scented candle sounds so nice and peaceful. I love the bright colors of the beaded bracelets. The wooden crosses are beautiful!

  13. Sharon Shoemaker says:

    I love Chai Tea, so the Spiced Chai candle would be my favorite. I love what Legacy is doing

  14. Kellie Metzker says:

    This all looks amazing! I love lemongrass, so clean and fresh.
    The african cross is gorgeous! True work of art!

  15. Dyan Current says:

    I love the bangle bracelets!

  16. Roberta Elwell says:

    WOW! What a great idea to name a candle Amazing Grace! That’s the one I would be interested in. It must smell “AMAZING!” LOL! I can not imagine what that might smell like. If I were to choose an Artisan I would say the beaded bracelets are beautiful! The fact that you can get them in so many colors is encouraging to those of us who like to mix things up. Thanks for telling us about another great idea also with the funds going to a worthy cause. People can be so horrible to each other. Good to know another person is able to make a difference…..will be checking out the site more often!

  17. These are for such a great cause! I absolutely love this! My favorite items were the bracelets and the lavender candle. I like the calm scent lavender gives and helps you relax. I also loved the crosses! They’re beautifully designed and the craftsmanship is phenomenal!

  18. Mary Ann Wing says:

    I love the site and especially Amber’s mission! I’m sure the candles are amazing! Soy candles are the best!! My favorite items are the African crosses! They are beautiful and knowing they are handmade by these women makes them even more special! Thanks, Rachel, for getting Ambers story and her mission out there! I’ll definitely be returning to the site again.

  19. What an amazing I like the sea salt and rosemary! What an amazing cause! I can’t choose just one goodie! They are all marvellous!

  20. Christine says:

    What an inspiring woman!

  21. Stephanie Cutlip says:

    Spiced chai sounds glorious

  22. The Amazing Grace candle looks nice, I bet it would smell very sweet haha, I also liked the bangle bracelets… But by far the artisan crosses are just beautiful, really any one of those are gorgeous.

  23. The honey and fig candle! I’m a beekeeper and love all things honey 🙂

  24. Judi Davis says:

    Love the beaded bracelets. Also the Rosemary scent.

  25. I love candles and the bracelets. I have purchased these bracelets and necklaces from numerous different vendors for various causes. I would like to try the Amazing Grace candle since I have never seen this scent anywhere else.

  26. I absolutely LOVE the hand carved wooden crosses! I collect small hand carved pieces from all of my journeys so to see something that not only reflects my faith and the faith of the women carving it, but whose proceeds also go to a wonderful organization supporting a vulnerable population, makes the pieces that much more valuable.

    I know we are only supposed to pick one, but I am a candle addict so I will just nod to the natural soy candles as well. I especially love that Amber has a scent called Amazing Grace. I always find it amazing to see how others interact with the Lords goodness in ways like art, smell, taste and sound!

    Thanks for sharing this great organization! They definitely have my support!

  27. Melanie Bailey says:

    I would love to try the Honey Fig scent!

  28. What a wonderful way of helping the victims of trafficking! I like the Honey and Fig candle. The bangle bracelets are pretty. I really like the cross. Thank you for the giveaway. I just found your website and really enjoy your blog.

  29. Cindi Westcott says:

    Good Morning Rachel,
    My friend and I have a saying, “It’s not odd, it’s God.” That’s immediately what I thought of when reading the story of how you met Amber. I have read other stories of human trafficking. It sickens me to know cruel this world can be. Praise the Lord we have a better place to spend eternity.
    I looked at all the candle scents Amber has to offer. I love lighting candles anytime I can find a few minutes to set and enjoy their delicious aroma while reading a book or knitting. I think I would enjoy lavender, lemongrass or the honey-fig scent the most.
    Thank you for the chance to win this offer while also exposing your community to Amber’s company and platform.

    Have a blessed day!

  30. Crystall Morriset says:

    I love it all hard to decide on what I like the best. I will say that the Amazing Grace candle would be one of my favorites just because of the name and I love that hymn my grandma use to sing it to me when I was little so many memories. I think Amber is an angel for all she does.

  31. I love the Legac;y Candles especially the Amazing Grace Candle.
    Why ? Just the smell of this candle will be a reminder how God wants to help us and be delivered from despair through the mercy of God, “Amazing Grace”

  32. I have only smelled lavender amazing grace sounds amazing my brother is big on lemon grass is think the beaded braceletso are so colorfull and show great talent and I love the cross the awesome woodwork

  33. Michelle Almgren says:

    My favorite is the beaded bracelets. My grandma loved making paper beads. She is in heaven now. Thank you.

  34. Amazing Grace candle sounds interesting! I wonder how that smells!

    I really like the African wooden cross. It’s unique.

  35. I love it all!!
    I love the lavender candle…brings calmness…

  36. I love it all!!

  37. Amy Mantooth says:

    I love candles and my favorite scents that are offered by Legacy Candle Company are Honey & Fig, Lavender, Sea salt & Rosemary, Lemongrass and I’m not sure but I think Amazing Grace would probably be awesome too.
    But my very favorite item she offers are the amazing African Crosses. Being an artist, I love to see the beauty that others create and these crosses are breathtaking.

  38. Juanita Baise says:

    I am going to try the spiced chia!

  39. Jodi Breese says:

    Everything looks wonderful. I am a candle nut though. I have candles all over the house. The smell of lavender is very relaxing. I’m interested in trying the spiced chai!

  40. Shalon Day says:

    I would love to try the Amazing Grace candle! And lavender!

  41. Marpy Hayse says:

    How can choose just one candle scent? They’re all delicious! I’d love to win a gift, but just may have to buy myself a gift for the kitchen!

  42. I love the candles but her story touches my heart. I’m always amazed at the work that God does and who He uses to do His work.. I’m thinking about buying a candle and I would choose either amazing grace or honey & fig… or maybe lavender haha. I think honey and fig would be my choice!! Thanks for all your posts Rachel… they always speak to me.

  43. I love scented candles! So hard to choose a favourite! I think Amazing Grace would be up there just for the name, I love the hymn and the contemporary ‘this is amazing grace’ song too. But they all sound lovely! And such a great cause to support too! Thanks for introducing me to Amber and her company!

  44. Vickie Fetterman says:

    I am so glad to know this about this company, legacy candles. What an awesome enterprise. I love the names of the candles, I have no idea of scent but have to choose Amazing Grace, simply because of God’s great grace. I love the crosses!

  45. I love candles. I would love to know what Amazing Grace smells like. LOL.

    The beaded bracelets would be neat, too. And then when someone complimented me on it, I could share Amber’s mission with them.

  46. Halona Luna says:

    I love candles. I would love to smell the Amazing Grace.

  47. Elisha Burge says:

    I would love to check out the Spiced Chai.

  48. JUDY ROZEMA says:

    I love the crosses!! Beautiful! And the honey fi candle sounds great!!

  49. Melissa Mortensen says:

    I love the African wooden cross! It’s beautiful and to know that it was carved by hand makes it that much more special

  50. I love the Spiced Chai candle and I also love the beaded bracelets. I had one before and gave it to my granddaughter. I am ordering one, maybe more. Thanks for sharing this wonderful business and woman with us.

  51. The beaded bracelets are BEAUTIFUL! I will definitely be getting some of those in the near future. The honey and fig sounds like a great scent to fill my house with. I think it would be a warm smell to set the mood for my Bible journaling (which I am LOVING!!)

  52. Thank you for bringing both Amber and her company Legacy Candles to our attention. it was a blessing to read your story about her and after visiting Legacy Candles website, I not only bookmarked it, but also added it to my Pinterest board, Gifts. I know what I’m ordering my family for Christmas. Candles for the adults and the bracelets for the teens. By the way, I love the scent of Lavender.

  53. WOW~What a wonderful ministry! I don’t know if you will believe me or not but I had written down 3 new names for candles after reading what she had: Redeeming Love; Restoration & Unlimited Grace…before reading their Mission Statement…Redeem, Restore, Empower & Equip! I am excited to learn more of this ministry! I love the beaded bracelets & the Honey & Fig or Lemongrass scented candles. Would also like to suggest a couple new fragrances…Eucalyptus & Spearment, Tangy Orange! Blessings!

  54. Tiffany B says:

    The African beaded bracelets are my fav! ? I love that it would be a permanent reminder of the women the ministry helps. ??

    I also really love that the candles are not toxic! ? I’d eliminated using candles until I discovered this kind of option. I’d love to try the Honey & Fig to see if this could be my new option!

  55. Miranda White says:

    I like the Lavender candle and the bangle bracelets. It all is nice

  56. Stevie Horgan says:

    The lavender candle looks great to me and I can burn it next to mommys cremation box…

  57. What a blessing! Praise God for the work Amber does human trafficking is a sad tragic thing and very upsetting it’s still happening ?

    I defiantly would go with the lavender it’s just relaxing but I am sure they are all great my second choice would be honey and fig.

    Thanks Rachael you are wonderful and have taught me so much your book is amazing thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    Melissa xoxo

  58. Honey and Fig intrigues me…but Lemongrass sounds like it’d be great too. I’m bookmarking the site for later. Great items, amazing prices, and for such a good cause…I think they’d all make wonderful gifts.

  59. Juanice Wengerd says:

    Spiced chai or honey & fig sound wonderful!!

  60. All the products are simply beautiful! I would love to have the lemongrass candle.

  61. ANGIE RUSH says:

    I too am a Nurse in Ministry Work Now …so Thano You for Sharing This Wonderful Woman of God with Me.

  62. The Lavender Candle. 🙂 I love lavender.

  63. What an amazing cause. God bless them for their ministry. They have a great mission statement. I would love to smell the Amazing Grace candle – it sounds wonderful.

  64. I would choose the amazing grace candle due to it’s name It sounds soothing. It’s so hard to believe the handwork involved in the beads & wooden cross !

  65. Angela Houghtaling says:

    What a great cause! I love the beaded bracelets. They are beautiful! I also like lavender candles! My hubby would like the Spiced Chai scent though!

  66. What a great cause. I live and work in Toledo, OH where it is a known high trafficking area here in the states. I love the bangles and a green beaded bracelet! The candle of my choice would be lavender.

    Thanks for all you do to share Gods word with all of us, on top of keeping up with your family.

  67. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! the background story for this company touches my soul most….inspiring, God is GOOD?
    If I have to choose ? I would definitely pick the Eco/asthmatic-friendly candles, and I love the vintage-unique character of the bangles, & the beaded bracelets!
    Blessings to Amber for such a beautiful example of God’s Love❤️& Mercy!

  68. Karen Marlowe says:

    I think the sea salt and rosemary candle sounds great. I have read that rosemary aids in memory. and I think the honey and fig candle sounds wonderful. The amazing grace candle sounds amazing. I will be ordering some

  69. I love the wooden crosses!! And the amazing grace candle sounds awesome!!

    1. Oh and check out my site. I sell my thumb guards for children worldwide!! Just click on my name. 🙂 God bless you!!

  70. I love the hand carved crosses!!! They are so beautiful. I wear a lot of bracelets so the beaded bracelets would be fun to wear.

  71. Beaded bracelet to pick just one favorite! (I need to smell candles before purchase, but they look very nice and have enticing fragrance names.)

  72. Jackie R. says:

    These are all very lovely. Love the scent of lavender. Thanks so much.

  73. Everything is so beautiful! I would love to have the Amazing Grace candle. The bracelets are lovely and I think I must have one. Lol

  74. Lisa Yakich says:

    The Spiced Chai Candle sounds lovely, especially since my favorite team is Vanilla Chai.
    The bead bracelets also look beautiful and all seem to have their own special design which is nice since we all have different taste in jewelry.

  75. Sea Salt & Rosemary. Love it. Stay salty!

  76. Jodylynne Emery says:

    This sounds amazing, I want to try amazing grace and sea salt rosemary!! Inspiring!!⚓️??⚓️

  77. I’d love to try the Lemongrass & Eucalyptus candles. They all sound divine though. May God bless each woman who creates these beautiful candles, bracelets, and crosses. The beaded bracelets are gorgeous, but those metal bangles are amazing!

  78. The Amazing Grace candle looks amazing. And I love the beaded bracelets!

  79. Deborah Cook says:

    Love all candles…would love to try the Honey and Fig, and the braclets are beautiful

  80. Mandi Warrick says:

    I ?candles! What an absolutely wonderful cause! Good bless!

  81. The beaded bracelets are beautiful. And the candles look amazing. I love to end the day with candles burning. And to benefit other women! Even better!

  82. I love spiced chai! All the products look amazing:)

  83. Love the idea that this helps other people. I love the knot work cross and would love to try the candles.

  84. Nancy Gardner says:

    What a wonderful cause! God is truly working through her-amazing woman!
    All the scents sound heavenly. I would normally choose lavender, however I have a dog named Grace (she was born a premie and by the Grace of God she survived), so I must pick Amazing Grace. On another note my daughter has a horse named Legacy! ?

  85. LINDA WHITE says:

    You can’t go wrong with Amazing Grace. I also love Lemongrass & Lavender. Well, I just love it all. Such an amazing woman to help people in human trafficking.

  86. Andrea Abbott says:

    The beaded bracelets are gorgeous and a person can always use more candles.

  87. Debbie Abshire says:

    Love the beaded bracelets and the bangles. Also the soy candle fragrances are some of my favorites.

  88. Ashley Pankey says:

    I love the candles and the beaded bracelets!!!

  89. LoVe the Amazing Grace candle! What a beautiful reminder! Such a wonderful organization & how wonderful for you to spotlight it 🙂

  90. I too absolutely love the sound of Amazing Grace and the scent sounds relaxing and calming. I also love to burn candles at night and or diffuse essential oils to fill the air with soothing aromas.

    I have marked Legacy Candles website as a favorite now so I can begin to purchase any of these items as gifts. It is wonderful to know that your purchase is two-fold, a beautiful gift to someone you care for and a way to help people less fortunate than yourself. Thank you for sharing this person with us.

  91. I liked the amazing grace candle!

  92. The Amazing Grace Candle would smell wonderful! ??

  93. Jessica Rose says:

    I would love the spiced chai or lavender. Or maybe lemongrass. I really can’t choose haha. I loved the bracelets too but o have an infant and she puts everything in her mouth so that’s out 😉

  94. Beautiful story! The smell of sea salt and rosemary or honey and fig are probally heavenly to burn.

  95. My favorite sent is the same one you like. It reminds me of making homemade fig preserves with my Grandmother in East Texas. She had a fig tree right outside the back door and I could not wait to get there in the summer to help make the preserves.

    The bracelets were beautiful and I would wear either one of them.

    Thank you for the great “give away”.

    Be Blessed….

  96. I can’t believe this. I have read of her story a while back. Amazing which is the wonderful way our Savior works. I think the fig and honey would be wonderful or the Lavender,for that matter I would be thrilled with any of the products due to the fact they help other women an children. I try to buy my yarn for a organization that does this. We need so much to uphold each other when one is in need. I love the bangles as well. Beautiful work all of it.
    Praise God for people like y’all.
    Much Love

  97. I let my assistant help me look to see what was there, and he agreed we can’t go wrong with anything in her shop because it contributes to something special! Beautiful stuff~

  98. Francesca says:

    They are all awesome products. I just love candles. Amazing Grace or Honey Fig seem delicious. Thank you for always introducing us to other amazing women of God. Rachel you are loved and appreciated for who you are in Christ! God bless you!

  99. Traci Crossman says:

    I am going to have to try the Honey & Fig as well as the Spiced Chai candles. I also loved the crosses and bead bracelets. The thing I love the most is the mission behind this awesome business!

  100. How to pick just one!? They all sound so amazing! But if I have to pick just ONE I would probably pick the lavender because its relaxing and who couldn’t use a good unwind every now and then!?

  101. I would love the Amazing Grace candle just for the label! I would wear either of the bracelets!
    Thank you for this wonderful service.

  102. I love this concept. I have purchased the bracelets from a local group. I love them. The Honey and Fig candle sounds perfect! I will be purchasing a few crosses for gifts. I have started several of my friends a “Cross Wall” collection and this cross looks perfect for it!

    Thank you for sharing!

  103. Ellen Cole says:

    LOVE the African cross! It’s gorgeous! I think I’d have to try the Honey & Fig…but Amazing Grace is a close second!

  104. Beautiful give away. I bet they all smell amazing, but if I were to win I like to amazing grave because I love the name and that song.

  105. Debra Wood says:

    I found jasmine in the small tea light candles and Amazing Grace caught my I, just the name is so perfect.

  106. Honey and Fig sounds wonderful. Love the look of the bangle bracelets!

  107. Polly Schneider says:

    I love candles and I think the lavender scent sounds like a fragrance I would really enjoy. Also so awesome that there are crochet patterns for sale. I love the fact that it goes to such a good cause too. ?

  108. Mary Lynn says:

    I like the name of the Amazing Grace candle but the Honey and Fig candle does sound delicious- The beaded bracelet- purple for me and pink for my 12 year old- were our favorites. Lots to chose from- I see wonderful teacher gifts for Christmas and teacher appreciation,too! Thanks for sharing Amber’s site!

  109. the lemongrass and lavender look great!

  110. Jennifer Buckner says:

    Beautiful bracelets with a mission to increase awareness. Win win! I love candles, too, and am thinking of the lavender scent. It is supposed to promote a scents (pun intended) of calmness. I would love to have some of that in our house with four energetic children!!

  111. Sherilyn Strausz says:

    Wow, wow………..leave “A” comment….LOL! Too hard! I am a Fused Glass artisan and can appreciate all of her charitable work. I need more time to look at all of the wonderful items she has to offer so will head back to her site later tonight but had to put my two “scents” in for now,, because I can’t wait to sit back while relaxing to the smell of what looks like one of the aromatic candles.

  112. What a wonderful cause! I thought the bangle bracelets were beautiful. I love to burn candles.

  113. I love love love those bangle bracelets! I might have to buy some :). Also the spiced chai cande sounds right up my alley.

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