I Need Your Prayers…

6 years ago, God planted a seed in my heart... and now I need your prayers.

A little over 6 years ago, a seed sprouted in my heart to begin using words to reach people with a message. I knew that God wanted me to share his love with others and specifically, I felt that I needed to share the soul change I had experienced through walking a turbulent journey.

Life is hard. I don’t have to tell you that. But it is also very lovely. Though we trek through sin and sorrow in this world, God has a unique plan for each of our lives. He never wastes the trials we go through.

Every day I receive emails from readers who are doing their best to live through difficult circumstances. Whether divorce, disease, or death, the burden is real and the heartache is overwhelming. I do my best to respond personally to every email I receive. Many times the questions include:

  • How did you make it through difficult circumstances?
  • Why is God allowing this to happen to me?

And the most common one?

How do you keep going when everything seems to be going wrong?

God redeems lives- I’m proof of that. I’ve seen him take the worst circumstances you can imagine and usher joy right in. I’ve watched him transform my own wrecked heart into a peaceful place and I know he will do that for you too.

I finished writing the book sharing the lessons I’ve learned and the answers I’ve discovered to the above questions. The road to publishing this book has been an extremely long one. I wanted to give up so many times.

But I didn’t. Because I could see you, the reader who feels like giving up too.

The one who felt like signing the divorce papers was like signing a death certificate.

Or the one whose wayward child makes your heart feel like it’s barely beating.

The one who sits by the bedside of your suffering loved one…

You, who types that email to me and says: Please share how you made it through. I just need something in this moment, right now, to encourage my heart. I need to know that someone understands.

Here’s the truth. I’m a newbie at this whole “authorship” thing. Goodness, I don’t even have an office; I work from the dining room table and most of the time it’s covered with stuff, in spite of all my efforts to be organized. If you only knew how God covers my craziness, you would know how much the glory is his and not mine. I’m still a mess.

I’m always asking the Lord to make up for my messes and his grace never fails. I’ve studied the steps of launching a book and for years I’ve been a part of book launch team after team. I know how to man a facebook group and how to send promotional emails and I’ve attended conferences to learn how to sell a book, because I don’t have a clue on my own. I’ve purchased and read books and follow all the “right”people to learn how to market and strategize.

But if I could give you one secret to anything, it’s this: I believe in the power of prayer.

So today, I’m not asking you to join a book launch team or facebook group or any other social media strategy. Before the book,One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up, releases on October 20, 2015, I need one thing more than any.

I need prayer warriors. I need people who will stand in the gap for me and say, “Father, she did as you asked. She wrote. Now we pray that this book would get into the hands of those who need to read it.”

Each week from now until Monday, October 20, I’ll be sending a prayer request email to those who wish to subscribe. The email will contain the specifics of what is happening with the book and the prayer needs for that week. If you’d be willing to ask God to spread this message to the specific ones who need to read it, I’d appreciate it more than I can explain.

Would you join me? Just use the subscribe box within this post. This is the only place you will be able to subscribe for this specific prayer email list. I can’t tell you how thankful I am in advance.

PS: Just when I finished typing this post, I received a text regarding a dear family friend. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and is waiting on brain scan results to determine if the cancer has spread. Jesus, would you be with Janine right now as we unite in prayer for her. We lift our feeble voices in one accord to ask for your strength and power on her behalf.

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  1. Rachel, it is an honor to pray for you and the detail surrounding the release of your book. I am a newbie to this whole writing and blogging thing myself, with about a 15 year long dream of writing a devotional book. God has confirmed many times over that this writing thing IS what He wants me to do. But with the fatigue, lack of stamina, and pain days of Fibromyalgia, I cannot keep up with the writing as much as I would like to…or feel I should. And yes, the whole publishing and “self promotion” thing is an entirely different animal! Oh how I would love to sit and chat with you over coffee and just share our joys, struggles and love for our Lord! I have prayed for you in the past, but am honored to write you onto my prayer list and pray for you regularly. Love & Prayers Till He Comes! Debbie

    1. Bless you, Debbie! If you ever attend conferences, please let me know and we’ll have that cup of coffee! I’ll be at She Speaks this July. 😉

  2. I am praying right NOW!! Please, Dear Woman, hang on to GOD through it all. God bless you!!

  3. Looking forward to joining you in prayer and also looking forward to your book. You give such inspiration to all. Bless you.

  4. Kimberly B. says:

    Would LOVE to join you in prayer Rachel! So excited for your book release in October, can’t wait to order a copy. You have been such an inspiration & blessing in my life 🙂 Praying for your dear friend Janine, may God strengthen her & fill her with His peace during this most difficult time.

  5. Your emails have meant more to me than you can know. It will be my honor to lift you and your book in prayer weekly. God bless. *HUG*

  6. Praying specifically for your book to continue God’s wonderful work through you by reaching those who need Him the most.

  7. I was deep into typing a long story right here to tell you something that I felt that God wanted me to tell you. But then I briefly lost connection with you and lost everything I had written. Now I’m not sure if God wanted me to tell you, so I will wait for further instructions from Him. (Some people will think I sound nuts, but I don’t care)


    1. oh goodness Girl. No one on this site will think that you are nuts. If they do, they are reading the wrong site. Listen on to his voice.

  8. may God bless u Rachel. u insipre me alot.. i will prayer for you… n may the wind of holy spirit blow that book to the hands of those who need it. may Gods favor bee upon ur life.

  9. Tiffany Jackson says:

    Rachel, words can not describe how your blog has richly blessed me. I was one day browsing and I accidentally stumbled across your blog. Well actually it wasn’t an accident. It was God who led me there. I thank Him for leading me there, because it has truly been my daily medicine. I pray that God will continue to use you for His glory. May your book prosper in every way possible. I will touch and agree with you and every child of God that this book will find it’s way to every soul that needs to be blessed by your book. May God bless you and keep you!

  10. Rachel, You are such an inspiration. I pray for each of the bloggers I read and so will be praying your book gets into the hands of those who need it most. God Speed.

  11. Pray for you often and honored to continue praying for you in the weeks leading up to your book release!!

  12. I am SOOOO in to pray daily for your book and your friend. Please let me know if I can help any way with the launch. This is incredibly exciting! I hope to meet you at She Speaks this year too!

  13. Hi there Rachel! God bless you with your new book and all. I have been so blessed with your sight. I will truly try to pray for the book, that it will get into the hands of those that really need it.
    It’s been 2 1/2 months since My dear husband left this earthly life to be with Jesus. I miss him sooooo much. At times I wonder if I will be able to live again but as one day turns to the next and then the next I see how God is always there for me, picking me up and loving me. The future is still very unsure but there again I have trust in God that He has a perfect plan.
    We all go thru trials of different kinds, thank God that He is there to take us thru. I can’t imagine how I could get thru IF not by Gods grace.
    Waiting to hear how it goes with your book. God bless you and your family.
    Love Jazmin

    1. Jesus, thank you for Jazmin. Surround your heart with the continual comfort of your love and grace today.

  14. Praying for God to be glorified in your obedience.
    And praying for complete healing for Janine.
    Thank you for all you do.

  15. Kelly Solomon says:

    Pray for you daily Rachel, your emails are so inspirational. Will add prayers for your book, which I can hardly wait to read! May God continue to richly bless you.

    1. Bless you, Kelly. He is good. All the time. Thank you for praying!! Means the world to me!

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