How to Make a Blessings Jar


It’s Tommy Nelson day! Woohoo!

This announcement typically gets a round of applause from the Woj tribe as children rush to open a box of treasures in the form of books!

One particular little helper, my Tarah, was excited about the book up for review today- The Blessings Jar by Colleen Coble, a story about being thankful.

The main character in this precious book, Punky Grace, wakes up one morning with a case of “grumpies.” Now I’m sure  no one at your house ever wakes up with a case of grumpies, but that is what happened to Punky Grace. But Punky’s Grammy had a big glass jar that she was convinced would take away the grumpies. She asks her granddaughter:

Why don’t we go on an adventure today and try to fill the jar with things that remind us of God’s blessings?

And that is exactly what they did. Each item added to the jar not only helped Punky remember how God was blessing throughout the day, but she also forgot all about her case of the “grumpies.”

I originally planned to post this review last week, but my sweet girl, Tarah, and I hadn’t had the opportunity to read the book together since I was in conference preparation mode for She Speaks. I really wanted to share the experience with her and I’m so glad I waited….

Because she really LOVED the book and…

(sorry for the blurry pic- I wasn’t planning to do a photo shoot, but they were having so much fun) and of course…
Tessa had to photobomb.

Tomorrow we plan to fill our own blessing bag. Yes, I know the story is about a jar, but just to tell you the plain truth, at our house, that would most likely translate into a catastrophe of some sort that has the potential of an ER visit. You know, dropping, glass, cut toes… Fabulous way to collect blessings for the blessings jar… at the hospital. So, yeah, we’re going to use a bag. But it will be loads of fun and I can’t wait!

how to make a blessings jar

Step 1: Choose a vessel. The story uses a jar, but yes, we are using a bag.

Step 2: Decorate or leave it as is. Go with the flow and do what you feel like or have time for.

Step 3: Count your blessings throughout the day and make it a point to place an item in your blessings holder to remind you of that blessing at the end of the day. This will be unique, but once you’ve read the story, you can get a few ideas if needed.

Step 4: Review all the items at the end of the day and enjoy a fun discussion with your child or children about all the great blessings God gave you for the day.

Step 5: Empty and repeat as often as needed. Guaranteed cure for the grumpies. Ahem. Maybe the bag shouldn’t be only for the children. Adults can play too. Probably need too. At least at my house.

Here’s a cool preview of the book:

And I just KNEW you would want to win a copy of the book, so follow the rafflecopter for the instructions and be sure to come back tomorrow for a back to school prayer idea requested by a reader. AND if you want to order this super cute book, you can pick it up RIGHT HERE:The Blessings Jar: A Story About Being Thankful.

Have a great day!!

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  1. This is a great idea and I can’t wait to try it!! We all need to count our blessings, great dinner time activity!!

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