Here I Am to Worship…

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Last week we had Vacation Bible School at our church, just as many did across the nation. My own children throw themselves into every lesson, craft, memory verse, and game. They have their favorites; my 4 yr. old son even slept with his craft one night. And every year for the past eight years I’ve participated in Northwest Bible Church’s VBS, at some point during the week, I walk in the worship center and am completely overwhelmed with the environment. You ask, “Is that good or bad?” Oh completely and totally 100% good!

My friend, Sabrina, posted the above picture and said it like this: “Makes me wish Sunday mornings looked more like this… standing room only, arms in the air, singing their hearts out… It is a beautiful sight indeed.” I know exactly what she meant, because that moment I have each year is one of immediate tears and praise in my heart for the work that God is doing in each child’s life. And in my own.

As I’ve stated before, my friend, Heather, and I often talk about how God works in “themes” in our lives. A verse, sermon, song on the radio, devotional… they all point to the same spiritual truth, specifically designed for knuckleheads like me who need the repetition.

My theme recently? Open worship. I just read Lindsey Nobles’ blog today with a post from Trisha Davis on this very theme entitled, “Reckless Worship.” In heaven, we will all worship perfectly.

But for now I leave you with this one thought:

Should we perhaps return to our childhood in the form of sincerity of heart to worship our Heavenly Father who loves us so much that He gave His Son for us?