God’s Love for You Bible Storybook Review


We made it to Friday, Bible Challenge Readers! So glad to have you and hope you’ll leave a comment to let us know how it’s going with your reading plan.

Today I’m excited to be reviewing this beautiful God’s Love For You Bible Storybook: Sharing His Heart with Children Around the World.


God’s Love for You Bible Storybook is a beautiful children’s storybook published by Tommy Nelson in Collaboration with World Vision. World Vision CEO Rich Stearns and his wife, Renee, are the authors of this sweet book. The gorgeous illustrations in the book are vibrant and eye-catching and the stories are wonderfully outlined.

The book is designated for ages 4-9 but I just knew that this book could reach a broader audience easily. I asked my 11 year old to take a look at the book and tell me what he thought. Now you have to remember that at his age, coolness factor is everything. I know, Jesus should be everything, and He is. But the kid is 11.

As soon as he opened the front cover, he immediately says, “Wow, Mom, I really like this page.” It was the inside cover of the book. I asked him why and he replied: “The people all look so happy.”

I really wanted you to see what he meant, so I snapped a couple quick shots for you:

photo 1 photo 2

Throughout the Bible storybook, inserted between stories are priceless treasures of modern day stories. Stories of current faith. This book gives children the opportunity to see how they can be a part of all that God is doing in the world today. Right now. Where we live.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the book, so here’s a great preview for you!

If you’d like to order a copy of the wonderful God’s Love for You Bible Storybook, you may do so right here: God’s Love For You Bible Storybook And I’d love it if you would enter the giveaway today! One guest will win this almost 300 page Bible Storybook!! Just follow the rafflecopter, but before you go, while you’re thinking of sharing the gospel, be sure to check out my post on Faith Gateway about how to encourage your children to share the message of Jesus. (Goes live in Friday morning.)







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  1. Rachel, so glad you reviewed and gave a preview of this children’s Bible. I went to Barnes and Noble and bought it for my grandsons today! Can’t wait to start reading it to them! I also picked up an NLT Bible for women for my daughter who probably hasn’t read any Bible since she made her Confirmation as a young adult. Also picked her up a copy of Lysa’s Unglued book and devotional. I never give up!

    1. Oh I’m glad you love it, Mary! My children just loves the photos of the children from all over the world inside the Bible. Praying blessings on your gifts!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    We are talking about loving like Jesus with family (sharing, obeying) and acquaintances (smiles, kind words). Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. We encourage our children to always point to Jesus in every circumstance, situation, and conversation. Whoever they are talking to or whatever they are talking about ~ Jesus is there.

  4. Love family, follow the Golden Rule, tell others about Jesus, help others in need.

  5. We discuss what he’s learned from Sunday school. I relate the Bible stories to what we deal with today and ask him how he would feel in those situations.

  6. Angela Robbins says:

    We pray about other’s needs and we are working on considering others’ emotions and how what we say and do might effect them. We talk about how to use kind voices, words, and actions towards everyone.

  7. We pray to be nice, kind and loving to all we meet and share with others.

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