Four Seasons & The Desert

Today I have the privilege of writing at Mary DeMuth’s beautiful blog.  You do know her, right? Because she is such an incredible writer, talented in various writing styles and gifted in wonderful ways.  As the well-published author of at least 13 books I’m aware of, the opportunity to write at her place is pretty awesome.    Here’s how it starts:

Spring is fading to summer and the heat is beginning to stick around a while in this region of America.  The brightness of the gorgeous sun shines brightly and the grass requests water at regular intervals.   Technically, the calendar still declares it to be “spring,” but we can feel it lurking- the beauty of summer.  Not yet arrived, but fully anticipated, the season is changing.

So much in this earthly life rests on the seasons: schedules, chores, meal plans, home maintenance… The list could go on and on with the course of the four seasons…

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