Finding Joy in Strange Places

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Poverty is no stranger to me. Growing up, my father made sure that I knew what it was like for poor country folk. He drove the church bus on Sunday and for years, we visited folks on Saturday to encourage them to ride the bus to church on Sunday.

Illness is no stranger to me. My daughter, Taylor, is 19 and she was diagnosed at age 4 with a terminal disease, MPS. For 15 years, I’ve pondered and wrestled with the concepts of contentment and joy, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances.

And I’ve discovered that finding joy in strange places is not a NEW concept. In fact, since the fall of man, humanity has worked at seeking happiness. Only we haven’t gotten very good at it.

We have a tendency to look in the wrong places for joy. We think that somewhere, some way, somehow if we get enough money, or more time, or another relationship, we’ll be truly happy. And that’s not how God says it works at all.

Joy has nothing to do with the position of your body and everything to do with the posture of your heart. – One More Step

I've discovered that finding joy in strange places is not a NEW concept. In fact, since the fall of man, humanity has worked at seeking happiness. Only we haven't gotten very good at it. We have a tendency to look in the wrong places for joy. Check out this post for some wonderful reminders of thanksgiving and contentment. #onemorestep

In my new book, One More Step, I mention that when I feel like giving up, pausing to take an inventory of my heart performs wonders. In chapter 16, I prompt the reader with a method of doing just that. After you’ve taken your heart inventory, then God’s Word will empower your renewed perspective. Just take a look at these verses, some of which are in the Pillars of Truth to Lean On section that concludes each chapter of One More Step.

Printable Bible Memory Verse Cards

thanksgiving bible verse 1

thanksgiving bible verse 2

thanksgiving bible verse 3

thanksgiving bible verse 4

thanksgiving bible verse 5

thanksgiving bible verse 6


thanksgiving bible verse 7

thanksgiving bible verse 8

Thanksgiving is upon us and while it seems to be one of those holidays that gets pushed further and further under the rug, so to speak, I really want to take the time to use these Bible verses to guide my heart. I want to remember that my physical location does not matter, it is the joy in my soul from the Lord that will provide the strength. The joy of the Lord IS your strength, amen?

Digital Bible Memory Verse Album

More recently, for Bible memory verses, I’ve been creating an album on my smartphone and then taking screenshots and saving the verses in one nice tidy little album. Then I can just thumb through them and read over them any time. You could also print these to share around the Thanksgiving table!

Printable Bible Verse Cards

To print out all 8 cards on two pages, simply click here or on the graphic below and the pdf will open. You can them save or print as you desire.

I've discovered that finding joy in strange places is not a NEW concept. In fact, since the fall of man, humanity has worked at seeking happiness. Only we haven't gotten very good at it. We have a tendency to look in the wrong places for joy. Print out these 8 Bible verses or save them to a digital album on your smartphone for a fabulous reminder of true joy and contentment. #onemorestep

The Purpose

The point is, no matter how you choose to use the verses, whether digital or printable, God’s Word saturates our hearts and minds like nothing else can.

By his grace,


One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up


  1. This Thanksgiving I thank the Lord and you for the privilege of receiving a preview copy of your wonderful book. It is part of my treasured collection of books marked up and loved, with notes all over it. The tear stained pages on Gods Words He alone could have placed on your heart knowing I would need them in the season of life that none of us knew was coming. The tears seem to have fallen exactly where I was reminded of His faithfulness.
    Since then I had the ability to afford to purchase a copy to share with friends friends so you see His love never disappoints…..He is using your writing to help a lot of us take “one more step.” What a privileged blessing your book is to the Holy Spiritvwithin me. Waiting for your next one… Enjoyed the study too. Thank you. Blessings on your sweet family especially your daughter and have a wonderful holiday season. He has touched me through you and I am grateful.

    1. Corena, I’m reading your message on Thanksgiving night and what better timing! I’m so thankful for your gift of words to me! Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you so much for your inspiring posts. I am so blessed by all your posts . And this printables are just perfect to share with my friends and family.. Many blessings to you Racheal.

  3. Kate Favor says:

    I really find great encouragement in these resources. God bless you and thanks for ministering to my soul. Starting on the thankful tree immediately!

    1. WE love it at our house! I’d love to see pics of what you do! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for that first image in your post, hun {{{hugz}}} Just what I truly needed to hear but have been chasing for the past three years and not finding it.

    My Chronically painful illnesses have taken so much from me especially the pain part of them. I am almost too crippled to walk now but I still get out and try anyway.
    and I weigh too much which makes it worse. Not by choices of mine. So please pray that my husband will start making proper food choices when shopping. That I will get my SSI Benefits Approved after fighting for them for the past 11 years.

    Thank you for being a Role Model to me,Rachel, while I have no one else in my life willing to help as I sit here in a filthy house. I can still sing and sing I shall! That is when I feel closest to God.

    P.S. Not trying to complain just stating my situation .

    1. Bless you Karen! God is good. I just love your perspective. Praying your situation continues to improve and you continue to see God’s hand in everything.

  5. Rachel
    Thanks for the encouragement ln your daily postings.Unfortunately I am not in a place to buy your book One More Step thanks again God bless

    1. Mary I sent you an email. Thank you for your message!

  6. Susan Hunsinger says:

    Thank you for these printables. They are the perfect size for Thanksgiving cards.

  7. Polly Schneider says:

    Rachel, Your posts are always so encouraging!
    My husband fell recently and broke a rib. He is in a lot of pain. So seeing your encouraging words has ministered to me.
    Thank you! Polly

      1. Polly Schneider says:

        Thanks, Rachel! Your prayers are appreciated!

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