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Hey Bible Challenge readers! We’re still moving along here and I’m not as far behind on the reading as I was last week, but not quite caught up yet either. Let us know how you are doing? We’d love to keep one another encouraged!

Tonight the children and I piled into the girls’ room and read this wonderful new Tommy Nelson book, Everybody Can Help Somebody by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. Have you read the book, Same Kind of Different As Me? I actually haven’t, but it is very well-loved book by many and holds the same authors as this new children’s book.

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Everybody Can Help Somebody is the true story of what happens when we choose to make a difference.  Little Denver grew up in a very poor home in the Depression Era.  He lived a hard life of circumstances for many years before a kind woman told him that God loves him.  This changed Denver’s life and you just won’t believe how God used Denver’s story across the nation in a profound way!

As parents, the book makes it wonderfully easy to share how important it is to be a giving person. I personally believe that is such an incredible lesson to learn at an early age!

Nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I read aloud to the children.

Tristina, my 9 year old, listened intently and asked when it was over “Mom, is that a true story?”  Samuel, my 8 year old deep thinker, was processing. I could tell by the look on his face that the questions will come tomorrow. I’m not sure how much the two youngest ones captured, but they did listen intently!

I asked the children when we were finished if this story reminded them of anyone. They mentioned the little friend we support monthly at the Passion Center for Children in Africa. They were really digesting the story! I loved that they could relate the two concepts.

I know this is a book that our family will read again and again so I wanted to include the preview for you today:

Each day our family is reminded that everybody can help somebody, as we care for our sweet Taylor girl, who has MPS, a rare and terminal disease.  Yes, even sweet baby girl Tessa gets in on the action of helping Taylor.



This book gets a 5 star rating and I highly recommend you purchase it for your family. You won’t regret it! The children’s book heavily inspired me to want to read “Same Kind of Different As Me.”

If you’d like to purchase either book, you can do so here: Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together and Everybody Can Help Somebody.

Before you go, one way our family has decided Everybody Can Help Somebody, is to audition for the American Bible Challenge show. If you’re not familiar with the show, the winning team wins a monetary donation to the charity of their choice.

So tomorrow, my husband, Matt, and my brother-in-law, David, and myself will be in Cleveland to try our hand at helping the National MPS Society ( the non-profit organization for Taylor’s disease) be the charity donation winner of  season 3’s American Bible Challenge!!

abctaylor final

Would you pray for us? And give us a little social media cheer on Saturday for Team Taylor’s Voice?

We would truly appreciate it so much!

Have a great weekend and we’ll keep you posted!

Now go- enter to win a copy of that awesome book!


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  1. I highly recommend Same Kind of Different as Me as well as What Difference Do it Make, by the same authors. Life changing. Will be purchasing this children’s book to gift my granddaughter and another to keep here.

  2. Nancy Miller says:

    Cheering for Team Taylor’s Voice!!!!! Praying the Lord’s blessing on your travels and children during your trip and the audition!

  3. Mary Geisen says:

    I’m excited for Team Taylor’s Voice and your chance to audition tomorrow for the Bible Challenge. I’ll be praying and I can’t wait to hear how it went.
    I have read “Same Kind of Different as You” and it is a fabulous book. I know you will be blessed by reading it. Happy Weekend to you!

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