Bible Verse Valentine Printable

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Love is in the air! I can hardly believe that Valentine’s Day is next week! As a child, I’m not so sure that I loved “loving,” but I think I loved chocolate as much then as I do now. While the last couple days I’ve been thinking over what Valentine’s Day looks like for our family, I’ve been thinking over a few verses that remind me that God loves me. Thought I would share them with you too!

Have you ever wondered if God really loves you?

I have. I could recite John 3:16 all day from when I was just a child, but all that meant was that God loved the world. I mean, isn’t that a pretty big place? Everyone- in the whole world?! And I’m just one little, itty, bitty person in that world. How could I know that God loves me?

One surefire way to know is that His Word tells me He loves me. Over and over again. Oh, He loves me alright. Loves me so much that He gave Himself for me. And He loves you just as much.

I’ve received several emails thanking me for the Bible Verse Valentine printable that has been available in the Bible Printables section as a freebie for a couple of years.

So my Valentine’s gift to you, my readers, is to enjoy these beautiful Bible Verse Valentines. I love you guys so much; we have a beautiful community of believers who long to grow in Christ and love where we’re planted. We’ve completed over 40 Bible reading challenges together; isn’t that incredible?

You don’t have to call these cards valentines and really, they could be used to encourage hearts at any time of the year. But they are perfect for giving to your Sunday School class members, small group friends, or children’s church kiddos. Give someone the reminder of how much God loves them.

Here’s a preview:

Free Bible Verse Valentine PDF Style 1

Click on the graphic above to open a pdf file or the file will open HERE.

Free Bible Verse Valentine PDF Style 2

Since Valentine’s Day is focused on love, I can’t pass up the opportunity to share the One True Love of the entire world. Today I’m providing a fabulous printable with these 8 Bible Verse Valentines you can print on one 8.5×11 sheet of cardstock. Click here to download the free PDF or on the graphic below


By his grace,



  1. Pam Elkin says:

    Dear Rachel,
    Thank you for these beautiful Valentines!
    I also thank you for sharing your heartfelt, beautiful words with us. You are a true blessing. I found you at a time when I truly needed your words of hope and faith! God sent you to me.❤️

  2. karla Hernandez says:

    Thank you Rachel, the design is beautiful. God bless you.

  3. Thank you Rachel.

  4. Can’t get any of the free printables to open. =(

    1. Sorry, Phyllis. The files are all working properly. Are you able to open .pdf files? What reader are you using? Are you on a phone, tablet, or computer? If you can give me more information, I may be able to help you target the reason you can’t get them open.

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