5 More Bible Studies I Recommend

day 79

Last week I posted 5 Bible Studies I Recommend and then realized that five is not very many! 🙂 So I thought I would give you five more this week and pray that if God is leading you to do a Bible study, you can find exactly what He has for you. Ready? In no particular order, here we go:

more bible studies I recommend

1. James Mercy Triumphs- Beth Moore

I completed the James study Spring 2011, and it was just so great for me! This study is the first Beth Moore study I’ve completed that allowed for different levels of participation outlined at the beginning of the study. I felt that setting the level of expectation for how much work you plan to do for study participation was a great consideration for the in-depth style of study Beth typically teaches. I also loved that for a mere $4.99, if you had to miss a video session and couldn’t coordinate a make-up time with your group, then you could download the video and watch it at home. In fact, if you’ve never had the opportunity to do a Beth Moore study in a group setting, then you can download each video of the series to watch at home.

2. Unglued – Lysa Terkeurst

When I completed this study with a group of ladies at the local frozen yogurt shop not long ago, we were truly blessed beyond measure at all God taught us.  The discussion questions in this study facilitated awesome conversation and the videos were beautiful and thought-provoking. For those of us who need to be involved in community and Bible study but find ourselves in time constraints, Lysa’s typical video teaching session is 20 minutes. I also must add that if your group has a small funding budget for a video study, this DVD set is so affordable for anyone.

3. A Journey Towards Contentment- Robyn Joy

While this study is book only, you will find it incredibly engaging and instructive as Robyn takes us on a journey of finding strength in God’s Word- His love letter to us.  I know Robyn personally and her determination to find contentment in her circumstances is beyond what I can describe. Robyn is gifted in encouraging others to live as the loved children of God we are.

4. Jonah- Navigating a Life Interrupted – Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer is a powerful Bible study teacher who has a unique gift of words.  Her teaching is poignant and her storytelling unmatched.  I appreciate her honesty about her own struggles which she willingly shares throughout this study.  For me, life seems to be one big interruption after another. 🙂 So I found this study to be just what God had for me at the time I went through it.  I have yet to hear Priscilla speak in person and can I just tell you that’s on my wish list??





5. Bible Study Fellowship International

BSF is an incredible international non-denominational organization that has helped people study the Bible for over 50 years. With classes for women, men, and young adults, as well as some children’s programs during certain adult programming, BSF is a phenomenal resource.  Classes meet across 35 plus countries and to find classes in the US, click here.  Bible Study Fellowship is the place I learned the importance of personal discipline in having a Bible study time and also the place where I learned to truly LOVE studying God’s Word. I’m just so thankful for BSF.

So there you have it!

What studies, recommendations, or questions do you have that you could ask about the above? I’d love to read them in the comments!







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  1. I was going to post the same thing Lynn posted! I have done several Precept studies & highly recommend them. There are studies for every age & stage. From new believers to mature ones. I am actually taking Covenant right now under my mother-in-love who has been teaching precept classes for over 30 years.

    1. I love Kay Arthur’s books- they are so in-depth. I usually feel like I’m taking forever because there’s just so much to soak up! I’m sure I’d love her studies too. Thanks, Ashley!

  2. Great suggestions, Rachel! Thanks so much! One other to add to your list: Precept studies by Kay Arthur. I’ve done numerous studies of hers over the years. They are excellent, especially the one on Covenant. Awesome! Changed my life.

    1. Lynn! I’ve never done a Kay Arthur study. Can you believe that? Need to put it on my list. Thanks for adding to the conversation!

  3. I enjoyed Mercy Triumphs and Unglued. Maybe 1 day I can do the one from Robyn Joy

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