Bible Stories for Kids Book Giveaway & FREE My Story Printable

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When I was a child, our family owned two sets of Bible story books. From the time I was 3 years old until I was about 9 years old, my mom read a story or two to us almost every night. The first set of books contained 5 volumes and to this day, I can quote some of the stories word for word. The second set of books contained chapters and had 12 volumes. I remember each cover of each volume and the stories that were contained in each volume.

Children are so impressionable. Their minds are little sponges that soak up everything. I’m so grateful for my parents instilling God’s Word at an early age, in all types of creative ways. I’m excited to have the opportunity to offer this Bible stories for Kids book giveaway!

Bible story giveaway

The two stories I’m introducing to you today will  be favorites with your little ones. Designed for ages 1-4, these Bible stories, My Story: Joseph and My Story: David, are sure to be well-loved! A. They contain stickers! 🙂 B. The stories are told in first person and the artistry is expressive and fun. I’ve always loved the story of Joseph (maybe because I have his mama’s name!) And I think every kid in the universe falls in love with David and Goliath.

I really wanted you to see a demo of the books so you would understand the printable I’m offering with this awesome giveaway so take a peek at that:

So now that you’ve seen a little of the super cute way the stories unfold, I wanted to give you an activity you could do with your children alongside the book. Perhaps you could begin your printable time with:

“Now Joseph had a story and David had a story- what’s your story?”

And your child could fill in the blanks of this free printable with his or her own story.

my story

You never know what you might learn from your kiddos with this little activity! Just click on the graphic above to open the FREE printable pdf.

Be sure to follow the Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. My parents used to read us from Bible storybooks at night also. Then when we got bigger with my sister we got a series with the stories read on C-cassettes. It was so exciting to read the books and listen to them from the cassette player. And every time we went to a trip we would listen to them in the car. I still can remember the stories and the pictures. Children are impressionable and something like that stays with you, always.

  2. Heather P says:

    Looks cute for little ones!
    Just wanted to put a word in about the Bible reading this morning. Yesterday in Genesis 6, God limited man’s lifespan to 120 years. Today in chapter 7, God was “fed up” with the human race and sent the flood that was on the earth for 150 days. It just seemed interesting with the numbers.

  3. Love the printable Rachel! We keep a Birthday book for our kids, and part of it includes collecting different memorable quotes throughout the year, which I find hard to do… but this might help a little bit. And if not it’ll be fun. Thank you for sharing!


  4. This is a great tool for Grand kids

  5. Oh, I have a little 2-year-old grandson that this would just be perfect for.

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