Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

books to read fall wide

Monday is here and you know what that means! It’s time to check in for the Bible reading challenge and encourage one another to read God’s Word daily.

Who’s ready for Christmas? I’m getting there! My lists are getting checked off and I’m anticipating a wonderful week for our family to enjoy one another. The kids are out of school; so we do not have our normal daily routine. I have a feeling that my normal quiet time routine is going to be invaded and flexibility will be required. That’s ok! It’s real life and I’m going to go with it. I still hope to read through the Bible this year, but if not, our goal is daily quality time with God anyways, right?

The 2015 Bible Reading Challenge is releasing this week;so stay tuned!

And now I’d love to know:

How did your Bible reading time go last week?


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