Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hi friends!

Today is Monday and we’re checking in for the Bible reading challenge. I’ve personally had a different kind of week than the last several. This week I’ve had no travelling and a lighter writing schedule than the last few months. I feel privileged for the time to listen to praise music while I worked on goals around the house and care for my family. This week I’m hoping for more prayer and Bible reading time because I know that I’m in a season where I need to store up extra spiritual energy while I can. Does that make sense? I hope you’ve been able to spend time reading each day. And I have a fabulous full post for you today, but I wanted to keep the Bible reading challenge check-in within its own section. So if you have a minute, let us know how your Bible reading is going? Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  1. I need prayers. It feels the closer I move to God the more I hit opposition from satan. I lost my temper with my hubby and kids. I fell behind in my Bible reading. I plan on getting caught up at least a little today. Today is a bittersweet kind of day. 3 yrs. ago I lost my dad. My new normal still sucks, I still miss him greatly. but God is helping me deal and heal…

    1. Prayers going up, Amy!! Jesus, we pray that you would surround Amy with your mercy and grace, especially today. Life often hurts but we know you are in control, even when things seems out of control. We pray that you would give Amy peace and love in her heart overflowing.

  2. Linda in Maryville says:

    I was doing so well for a good amount of the time. I am now behind and working again to catch up. I want to finish at the end of the year with my reading complete, so I am now working by doing extra reading everyday until I catch back up.

    1. You can do it, Linda! I know you can! I love that you set and work towards your goals.

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