Children’s Bible In A Year Review and Giveaway


Over the weekend, many of you signed up for the 2014 Daily Bible Reading challenge. I’m so excited to see how God uses the challenge in our lives this year!

childrens bible in a year

Last summer, my kiddos wanted to do their own Bible reading challenge and I designed two plans for them, which you can find here. All three of the older kids, ages 8, 9, and 11, loved the plans and finished them much earlier than I anticipated.

Recently Tommy Nelson provided a brand new resource to our family- the Bible In A Year, a children’s Bible designed specifically for children to read the Bible through in a year. The NCV is the New Century Version- a translation of God’s Word from the original Hebrew and Greek languages. None of my children have read through this NCV Daily Bible yet, as we’ve only had the resource about a month or so. But reading it through does look very doable from a logistical perspective.

In the front of the Bible In A Year, one of the first pages begins with:

How should I read the Bible?

Imagine having a best friend who never listened to what you had to say.  You had great and exciting things to share, but he didn’t pay any attention to you.  How well would he actually know you? How strong do you think your friendship would grow?

If we want to become best friends with God, we need to know what He has to say to us.

I love this page of introduction for children because it properly points them to understand the purpose of what they are doing. I believe this is critical to understand about Bible reading, especially when reading in larger quantities.

Having said that, this NCV Daily Bible is well-designed for daily reading and consists of approx. 3 pages of reading each day. I haven’t timed my children with this amount of reading, but I know for me personally 4 Bible chapters a day takes about 15-20 minutes if I read to comprehend. The daily amount of time seems to be appropriate for older children. I will admit that my personal opinion is that while this Bible is targeted to ages 8-11, I feel that because the New Century Version is a 5th grade reading level, children ages 8 and 9 may need assistance with some words and take longer to process the reading.

One additional option for using the NCV Daily Bible is a 2 year plan. This plan is to simply read the Psalms and Proverbs and New Testament sections for each day the first year and read the Old Testament sections for each day the second year. If your reader isn’t quite ready for the entire Bible in A Year, this would be a great option as well.

The challenge of reading the Bible through in a year typically doesn’t stem from the quantity of reading per day, but the consistency of following through Just like anything else in life, being consistent to read each day can be a challenge when your day gets thrown off by circumstances beyond your control. The key to continuing on is simply to not be discouraged by the occasional “miss”, but to make it up when you can and press on.

I’m super excited to have the opportunity to give away one copy of the awesome Children’s Bible In A Year! If you’d like to enter to win, just follow the Rafflecopter. If you’d like to purchase this Bible, you can find it here.

And upon a little research, I found that this same version designed for adults can be purchased here for as little as $4.00!

Happy Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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