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bible reading challenge day 158

Hey Friends! We made it to Friday once more! WOOHOO. If you are reading along with us in the Read Your Bible Through In A Year Challenge, or you want to try to read through the Bible in a year but have to start right now, or you are reading this post while living and breathing (just thought I’d cover all the bases), THEN I have two of the best Bible Reading Tools that you are really going to want to know about.

simple bible study tools

Alright, so A. This week the kiddos are out of school, out of structure and well, not out of control- at least not yet. And Mama is having to adapt. I’ve gotten up before everyone in the house. I’ve stayed up later, way later than everyone else in the house. And well, let’s just say that Mama is having to really read a chapter or two at a time and meditate on it for awhile, then steal a few more minutes later. Because the Woj tribe is many and the Mama is one.

Therefore, B. Because of this, I thank my dear, dear friends at Olive Tree Bible Software for their incredible app for which I’ve previously mentioned my love. And while I wasn’t using the app to read my Bible each day this year up to this point, now I am.

The M’Cheyne’s reading plan we are using is on the Olive Tree app (YouVersion has it also, but their reading plans do not have the same flexibility I’m about to explain.) You can begin the plan at any time. You can start right where we are and stay with the group as we read OR you can start at the beginning of the plan. The point is- this app has the flexibility for you to keep track of the reading, right where you are, and mark it off as you go. I LOVE the way this works; this method of tracking is unavailable on any other Bible reading/ study apps. So be sure to download the FREE app if you don’t have it already.

And C. Some days you just get little miracles that bless your heart. Today, one of our awesome readers, Heather, blessed my socks off with this bookmark she created from my popular post, A Simple Bible Study Guide– 4 questions you can use for any chapter of the Bible. I asked her if it was ok to share it with everyone and so, here we have a super gift for you to use. Thank you, Heather! Click HERE or on the graphic for the free download.

4 questions

 UPDATE: You can find the updated, popular bookmark HERE.

Who knows- maybe next year we’ll have our own app?!

Be sure to check in and encourage one another today!

What are your favorite Bible reading/ Bible study tools?



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  1. You might like our E100 Bible reading challenge. It covers 50 OT and 50 NT Scripture passages and takes you through the Bible in 100 days or as long as you want…..but it has proven to help people start a Bible reading habit. It has been translated into about 9 different languages and used around the globe. Blessings Bruce

  2. LOVE these!! Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to use them 🙂 Blessings!!

  3. All caught up after a few crazy busy weeks! Feels good to be back on track! Thanks for the daily postings on Pinterest so my forgetful self is always reminded!!

  4. Thank you Rachel and and thank you Heather. I love the 4 questions, and will laminate it.



  5. Nancy Miller says:

    Reading! Thank you!

  6. Christina Beebe says:

    Still here and still reading!!! Thanks for this challenge! Have a Blessed weekend!!

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