A Prayer When I Feel Lonely

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Yesterday on the Facebook page, we took prayer requests. One of our precious readers, Joeann, lost her husband two years ago and she is feeling so lonely.  There have been times in my life when I felt deep feelings of loneliness and my heart aches for Joeann. I was thinking about her during my run today. We’re all praying for you, Joeann! May this prayer provide comfort to her and to you.

A Prayer When I Feel Lonely

Dear Father,

Thank you for listening to my heart;

Your patience with me is to be praised.

Today I had that feeling again-

The one where I feel so alone.

It seems that no one understands…

Even my family and friends don’t “get” me at times.

Though I can be in a room full of people,

I feel lonely…

And I feel alone.

I know You said You would never leave me.

Your Word promises this and it’s true.

These feelings are but signs of my human form.

Would You help me to sense Your presence  in my life?

Would You reveal Yourself to me

In a way far beyond my imagination?

Thank you for the peace beyond my comprehension

That can only be provided by You.

In Jesus’ name,


when you feel lonely

Be blessed!



  1. Such a lovely prayer. And such a comfort. Yes, loneliness is a difficult feeling – and it is an especially vulnerable place in the heart. The enemy loves to lie to us when we’re feeling all alone. He will do his best to convince us that even God doesn’t care.

    He does. And He listens to my heart. Even when I’m all alone, I am never without Him.


  2. Perfect prayer for a single mom, soon to be an empty nester! Trying to be brave but being reminded of God’s promise of never leaving me encourages me in this new step in my life.

  3. Hi RAchel

    Really needed to see and read that prayer today!

    Thank you and God bless

  4. Rachel, also praying for Joeann! May her heart be filled with her memories and God’s love and peace. As always, a beautiful prayer!

  5. I can tell that you must be a very compassionate person, Rachel. Thanks for sharing about Joeann’s painful journey and lifting her up in prayer. I’ll join you in lifting her and everyone else who finds loneliness weighing them down–praying they sense Christ’s presence, faithfulness and love.

  6. I’ll be praying for Joeann!

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