A Prayer to Remember God Is Bigger

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Have you ever thought about the power of praying Scripture back to God? The #GodIsBigger Bible reading plan has inspired me to write this prayer for remembering God is bigger than whatever comes my way today.
Have you ever thought about the power of praying Scripture back to God?

The current monthly topical Bible reading plan, God Is Bigger, washed over me anew yesterday. I have been looking at the months ahead with a great deal of uncertainty and even fear for various reasons. Through the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart, I was reminded of the power of praying Scripture back to God.

Whenever I’ve heard teaching on the concept of praying Bible verses back to God, the context has been that we can remind God of his promises. And certainly that is wonderful! But yesterday and today, I felt impressed to pray the verses we’ve been reading in the Bible reading challenge this month, realizing God is bigger than our difficulties.

I discovered two benefits of praying these “God is bigger” verses back to God. First, he receives the glory he deserves. Secondly, I receive the reminder of how great God is! Perhaps that seems simple to you, but for me, in the moment, praying God’s glory back to him became revolutionary!

Today I’m encouraging you to pray this prayer to remember God is bigger than whatever you are facing.

A Prayer to Remember God Is Bigger

Dear Father,

No one is like you.
You are great
And your name is mighty in power.
Your power created the earth
And your wisdom founded the world.
The galaxies were stretched out
By your understanding.
You thunder and water pours from heaven.
The clouds rise at your calling
And the lightning flashes at your command.
You whisper the wind into motion.
You are the Maker of all things-
the Lord Almighty.
Whatever comes my way today,
I know that You are bigger.
Thank you, Jesus.

Based on Jeremiah 10:6-16

a prayer to remember God is bigger prayer



  1. This has truly blessed my Spirit on today. I Believe that My Heavenly Father is bigger than any problem I may face, I have faced, or the problems that sure to come. Im learning to trust Him daily. Thank you Rachel!!!

  2. Sharing this with my mom. She’s been taking care of my dad ever since he had a stroke back in April and I know it’s been hard on her. I know she’ll appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  3. A much needed prayer and reminder that no matter what I may face, God is always in control. We tend to forget that God is much bigger and that if we place out trust in Him, He will provide and take care of everything.
    Printed this prayer out and put it up at work… Will have to print a extra few to put it up at home to remind me of His greatness.
    Thank You xxx

  4. This is such GOOD news!!! I need to remind myself of this everyday. Things seem like they are out of control sometimes and I need to remember that God has everything in control.

  5. AWESOME Prayer! Thanks so much.

  6. Tiffany Jackson says:

    God is great and worthy to be praised! Thank you for reminding me of how BIG and AWESOME the GOD we serve. Sometimes we have to remind our problems; that our God is bigger than whatever we may face. Amen

  7. Donna Kay says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I needed this today!! I needed someone to remind me how big a God I serve!

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