A Prayer of Praise for Strength

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Psalm 18 is a prayer of praise from David. He was rescued from the hand of Saul just before this song of praise was written. It's easy to read the chapter and focus on David's deliverance, but today as I was reading, I couldn't help but think of my own. And so I'm sharing a prayer for praise for strength with you...
Can you easily recognize your enemies? Do you know who they are? Because I’ve found that my enemies are actually not humans; they are often emotions. Discouragement. Despair. Depression. These enemies are very real; in fact, they are the tools that the number one enemy of Christians chooses to use. If he can get us down, then we forget to pray. We worry and fear. We get discouraged and feel defeated. This is how he renders us distracted and powerless to do the work God has called us to do!

Psalm 18 is a prayer of praise from David. He was rescued from the hand of Saul just before this song of praise was written. It’s easy to read the chapter and focus on David’s deliverance, but today as I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of my own.

In the moment, difficult circumstances are heavy and burdensome, but looking back at how God delivered me in the past is one way to find joy in the moment. I think about an answered prayer or a changed situation and I realize God’s wonderful work in my life.   The memory of what God has done provides hope for the moment, as well as for the future.- Excerpt from One More Step


And so I’m sharing a prayer for praise for strength with you.

A Prayer of Praise for Strength

Dear Father,
I love you;
You are my strength,
My rock and my deliverer.
When I prayed, you saved me
From discouragement and despair.
I called to you in my distress
And you heard my voice.
Your voice returned my call.
You reached down from heaven
And took hold of me.
The enemies of death and destruction
were too strong for me.
They confronted me,
but you were my support.
You rescued me
Because you delight in me.
Praise your holy name.
Adapted from Psalm 18

A Prayer of Praise for Strength- adapted from Psalm 18

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If you enjoyed this prayer, you’ll love Rachel’s book, One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up!

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  1. I had read my pre-copy and left a review (San Diego Booklover) on Amazon. Then, last week everything fell apart, and now I’m back on Chapter 1 of my new copy. Thank you Rachel., when this one wears out I will buy another because I can see I will always be referring back to it, because life is always going to be messy.
    Your book, and God’s grace will get me thru.

    Mary Lou

    1. You are so sweet, Mary Lou. God’s got you, Girl!! Blessings to you. I’m super glad it’s a resource you can come back to time and time again. Sometimes I tell myself I need to read what I write. aka Practice what I preach. 😉

  2. I have to admit that for 3 full years that the enemies had me flat on my back in bed feeling sorry for myself because I was in so much physical and emotional pain and having lived through many traumatic experiences that noone else I knew understood except for God. My marriage has been lukewarm at best ever since.

    Just within the last year alone I have lost 5 friends to various cancers and one to suicide and one to a Sudden Stroke. I had to quit going to church due to my physical and emotional pain. Which I sorely miss.

    Then Clinical Depression set in, then Loneliness. Then I went toe to toe with the very Messenger of Satan ( So ladies do not ever ask for a “Thorn in Your side” because you feel everyone would be better off without you) and won with God’s Forgiveness and Help. It was also during this time Satan’s Messenger whispered thoughts that I needed to save my husband by sacrificing myself for him by physical death. I was in such deep Despair that I literally believed it and I {and don’t laugh please} almost succeeded by taking too much Epsom Salt as a Laxative. It was on the toilet that I finally cried out to God to Forgive me that I did not know what I was doing. Then I Renounced it and said the prayer that is in Neil T. Anderson’s book “Victory Over the Darkness”.

    So Yes, Rachel Your book is very needed in this world !
    Thank you so much for the chance to study with you.

  3. Marilyn Lisenbee says:

    Your book and this study is something this woman needed. My word for 2015 was Stronger and I have been working on developing spiritual, emotional, and physical strength. This study just goes right along with what I have been focused on and I am thrilled. I do not believe in coincidences, I believe in God’s plans for me to grow and become the woman He designed.

    Thank you so very much. Two days into this study, I know I am in the right place.


  4. Really need to read this message today. Thank you Rachel 🙂

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