A Prayer for When You Feel Disappointed and A Special Request

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Feeling disappointed is different from feeling discouraged, don’t you think?  Usually, it means you had a hope or dream and it simply didn’t come to fruition. Many times, disappointment is the direct result of losing something or someone. The expectation for one outcome is overturned by another. It can happen when something or someone steals an anticipated joy. It hurts. I don’t have to tell you that.

Jesus was disappointed in his disciples when they prayed in the garden that night. The very night he would be betrayed- and they couldn’t watch with him for even an hour? I can’t imagine the depth of his disappointment, but when he felt this disappointment, he prayed. I wish I could tell you that every time I feel disappointed, I pray. But it’s not always my first reaction. Though I’m working on it- probably just like you are.

On this Whimsical Wednesday, I wanted to share this prayer for when you feel disappointed.

Dear Father,
How my heart aches as I bow before you.
I thought I knew best,
But it didn’t happen that way.
Now I feel so disappointed.
In the situation…
In the outcome…
In life.
Negative thoughts are swarming my mind;
I need trust in your plan to replace them.
Weakness engulfs my spirit;
I need you to flood it with strength.
Joy has been hijacked from my heart;
I need filled as only you can.
May praise return to my lips
For you never disappoint.


prayer for when you feel disappointed

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A Special Request

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Have a wonder-filled Wednesday!


  1. Wonderful, encouraging prayer, Rachel. Yes, life can bring many disappointments. But sometimes it happens because we are looking to life to fulfill something that can only be fulfilled by Someone. HE never disappoints!!


  2. Wonderful prayer for God to meet us in the midst of our disappointment. Truth right here —> “May praise return to my lips for You never disappoint.” We may face disappointment but He never disappoints! Grateful to have joined you today!

  3. I am definitely praying and rooting for Team “LiftYour Voice”. I have felt disappointment and your prayer speaks loudly and clearly as to how to let it go to God. I especially liked the line “Weakness engulfs my spirit”. Oh, I have experienced that weakness and it is truly God’s strength that has pulled me through. Happy Wednesday dear Rachel! 🙂

    1. That weakness- it attacks us mentally and pushes over to the physical realm. Happy Wednesday, Friend!

  4. I had literally just gotten a text message from my husband who walked out 2 1/2 years ago saying he was filing for divorce with or without my cooperation. I was devastated (again). Feeling disappointed. I was struggling how to pray when I immediately got this email. The prayer was exactly what I needed. It was the words I didnt know how to say. Thanks. Please pray for the restoration of our marriage as I believe that’s what God has promised me.

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