A Prayer for When I Am Afraid

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Earlier this week my husband and I had a conversation with our children about real-world events and I actually feared that they would fear as a result of the talk. If there’s one thing I know they need to learn how to do, it’s to pray when they are afraid.

A Prayer for When I Am Afraid

Dear God,
Right now I am afraid.
Fear comes in all shapes and sizes;
The shape and size is no matter
Because I know You are the Almighty God-
The One who placed planets in their orbits
And designed the galaxies…
The One who made the two great lights
To rule the day and night…
Then flung the stars into the sky.
Would You who holds the wonders of the earth
Be willing to hold my hand?
Would You who spoke the world into existence
Be pleased to whisper to my heart?
Because I know that Your love is perfect
And Your perfect love casts out all fear-
No matter the shape or size.

a prayer for when i am afraid

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. This is a beautiful prayer. It sums up what I am going to use this to help me reassure my son about his nighttime fears.

    1. We’ve certainly had our shares of those over the years. Prayers for him and YOU!

  2. What a beautiful prayer! Teaching our kids not to be afraid is so important. And a reminder I need for myself most days too! 🙂

  3. Great prayer, Rachel. Your words are always so comforting and I so appreciate how you encourage us all to turn to God regardless of what our need is. Without prayer, fear can certainly threaten to take us down. Thanks for this prayer and for faithfully hosting this link up!

  4. Beautiful prayer, Rachel. I love how you said ” would you who spoke the world into existence be pleased to whisper to my heart”. A reminder of our insignificance in comparison to the vastness of the world we live in but in God’s eyes we are treasured. Blessings for God’s warmth to wrap around you today!

  5. There is so mush reassurance in this prayer, Rachel. When we start to think about the amazing nature of God the things we fear get a different perspective. In this scary world, I’m so glad to have God!
    Thanks for hosting – love to link up here.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  6. Wonderful prayer! Reminding us of who our Amighty God is and what He has done is perfect. He is amazing! He can handle all of our fears and problems. I’m thanking God for you and the gift He gave you to write and encourage others. Thank you for being obedient to His call on your life. You bless me.

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