A Prayer For Trusting God’s Timing

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Today I needed this prayer for trusting God’s timing. His way is perfect and so is His timing. Never too early… or too late. He’s shown me time and again that He loves details.

This God—his way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. Ps 18:30

Dear Father,

I come before you 

Asking forgiveness today.

Many days my spirit tires of the routine.

How easily the best routine transforms

into the monotonous mundane

without Your presence to guide me.

To think that my own manipulation of events

could sway Your hand to move my direction!

Oh the futility of my soul and fragility of my heart.

I beg for Your forgiveness

and ask for Your fortitude.

Would You give me the strength to trust Your plan?

As the timing of the stone David slung at Goliath,

And the accuracy with which it struck his head,

With the confidence of one

who has slayed lions and bears with You,

I humbly request:

Would You unveil

the perfect moment to take action?

Until that moment of Your prompting,

May I trust You-

The  One worth trusting forever.


trusting God's timing


  1. ps. Tournament was blessed! Approximately 120 bowlers and almost 60 of them were my Warwick Superstars! Lots of smiles and love and medals! God is good!

  2. Rachel, as always, I am reading your prayer at just the moment when I need it most. Found out that my estranged daughter was in a bad car accident with my granddaughter in the car on Halloween. She is home and recovering. Today was my Special Olympic team’s participation in the state Junior Duckpin bowling tournament. Two of my athletes live next door so their mom knew about it from that and Facebook. I am praying for their healing and also for God’s prompting as to how I should try to once again seek reconciliation. My daughter comes in and out of my life and has done so for many years. I trust in God’s plans for my family and in His perfect timing and pray that I will hear His voice as I seek the counsel of His Holy Spirit. God bless you!

    1. Bless you Dear Friend! Glad to hear of the happy bowling report and my heart aches for you as I consider your feelings with your daughter. May God provide the timing indeed!

  3. Terri Garcie says:

    Rachel, I’ve not been a member of your site / blog for long; but, gosh, how I love it! It is a wealth of knowledge and help. I really loved this prayer today because it served as a reminder to me directly from My God that I am to release TOTAL control of a situation going on in my life right now which concerns one of my children. I know He can fix it; but, I have to wait on Him and His timing. I want to try to be like Paul, the apostle, and be thankful for whatever situation I find myself. Again, thank you, Rachel.

    1. Bless you, Terri! I’m so glad you’ve found the blog helpful and encouraging! Thank YOU for your encouragement!

  4. Beautiful post, prayer and printable, Rachel! It’s so hard to trust God’s timing, isn’t it? I so appreciate your encouragement to keep praying and keep trusting.

    1. You bet, Friend! Thanks for linking up and for your consistent walk to obey His Word!

  5. I love this prayer. Especially this part:
    “With the confidence of one who has slayed lions and bears with You, I humbly request…”
    It brings to mind the confidence I should have in the Lord and also…all of the times He has brought me through before!

  6. Praying that same beautiful prayer along with you, Rachel. I’ve been convinced of God’s timing and set plan lately in ways that I know could only come from His hand. Thanks for yet another reminder!

  7. Beautiful prayer Rachel. Praying God’s perfect timing in all we seek answers for, for you & I both. Blessings to you.

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