7 Ways to Pray Against Worry

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Once worry strikes, it can be incredibly difficult to stop. I don’t have to tell you this because you’ve experienced it. One small thought of care entered your mind, and before long, your brain transformed into full-blown anxiety mode. In the Soul Secure Bible reading plan and journal, I emphasize that to win over worry, we must catch ourselves choosing that first worried thought before it escalates into a tornado.  Prayer is an incredible strategy to combat worry! Last week in our Bible reading challenge Facebook group, I shared 7 ways to pray against worry. Many readers commented about how helpful these prayer points are, and I think you’ll find them to be a personal gift of 7 ways to pray against worry.

1. Surrender thoughts of worry to God in prayer.

“Dear Lord, I give you this thought of worry about ________________.” Fill in the blank. No matter the thought, if you recognize it as a first sign of negative, unprofitable concern, then giving it to God will immediately help! While this first point of ways to pray against worry seems obvious, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious. As the old hymn says, “Jesus knows your every weakness; take it to the Lord in prayer.”

2. Pray for help to recognize God’s presence is with you.

God is always with us; the Bible teaches he is omnipresent. While we know this truth, understanding it and consistently remembering it can be difficult. Whenever worried thoughts first enter our minds, we can ask God to help us realize he is always with us. His presence calms our hearts when we turn our attention to him; this calmness alleviates anxiety.

3. Ask the Lord to help you recall his truths to replace your worries.

Filling your heart with the truth of scripture provides an arsenal against fretting. To pray against worry, ask God for the ability to remember the promises of the Bible. Once you’ve recalled a Bible verse or phrase to fight against uncertainty, pray for the truth to saturate your mind and replace your apprehension with his confidence.

4. Pray for God’s peace to rule your heart.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, as the Apostle Paul explained to Timothy. Our heavenly Father rules in power and love and gives us a SOUND mind, not one filled with distress and uneasiness. When we request the peace of God to rule our hearts, then God will answer that request. Worry will dissipate in the name of Jesus. Burdens are lifted by our Lord Jesus.

5. Ask for forgiveness for your worry and pray for the ability to trust God more.

Confessing that worry is sin also provides the opportunity to ask the Lord to forgive us. Just as Peter looked down at the waves as he walked out to Jesus on the sea, he cried out, “I believe; help my unbelief.” When doubts arise, the Master of the Sea longs for our trust.

6. Pray for protection against worry.

The previous points outlined how to practically pray against worry, but praying for protection against worry before it begins is critical. God’s strength shines when we are most aware of our weaknesses and ask for help. In answer to this prayer, the Holy Spirit will guard our minds and hearts against worry. We don’t have to worry about being worried!

7. Give thanks to God for being in control.

Many times worry arises because we feel like circumstances are spinning out of control. “When things seem out of control, God is always in control.”– One More Step Lifting up thanks to God for his supreme authority is a prayer praise that carries incomprehensible power. Thanksgiving is one sure way to annihilate worry!

If worrying is a match you’d love to win over, then these 7 ways to pray against worry are sure to help! Which one will you choose to implement right away?

By his grace,



  1. A Child of Christ says:

    Thank you for this reminder.
    I am struggling so much with worry and anxiety at this moment with decisions that need to be made about our future.
    Your site and writings ALWAYS provide guidance for me.


  2. I want to grow my faith with God.
    Its seems like I’m not getting any answers from God no matter what I pray and ask, I try with all my heart to walk by faith, and it seems that the more I try more problems arise. I feel I can’t get across to God, I know I he hears me and sometimes I feel him, but I need to learn to walk on more faith. Need a journal or just learn to read the bible and understand it.

    1. Join our Bible reading facebook group, Nancy! There are all kinds of folks just like you and we help each other along the faith journey. This month’s focus is trusting God. Let me know if you need help to get connected in there.

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