5 Ways to Remember A Glimpse of God

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Life wasn't created by accident and these divine appointments provide the opportunity to understand that the Creator is deeply interested in our everyday lives. He specifically appoints assignments and directly intervenes through circumstances. And sometimes, we're blessed to recognize his presence.

Have you ever received a text or social media message that you knew was specifically for you at that very moment?

What about a phone call from a friend who had no clue that you were having such a bad day, but they called just to ask how things are going?

Or you were sitting in church ready to listen to the sermon when the pastor announced the sermon title and it almost took your breath away because it was the VERY topic you had been wrestling with that week?

Or even more personally, you were reading a passage of Scripture and the Holy Spirit whispered to your heart so directly that your highlighter didn’t seem to hold enough ink?

I like to call these incidents “Glimpses of God.” Because we know that life wasn’t created by accident and these divine appointments provide the opportunity to understand that the Creator is deeply interested in our everyday lives. He specifically appoints assignments and directly intervenes through circumstances. And sometimes, we’re blessed to recognize his presence.

However, that doesn’t happen 24/7, right? I’d love to be aware of his work and presence every minute of every day, but the truth is, I’m human. You’re human. Shocking, isn’t it?

Cultures and generations have passed down traditions for years in order to convey the significance of their meanings.  The purpose of the traditions is to make sure others remember the story or event, even though they did not experience it personally. But what do you do when you have personal experiences you want to remember?

Today, I wanted to share 5 ways to remember a glimpse of God. Because I’m human and can get bogged down with the everyday details of life, whenever I get a glimpse of God, then I want to be sure to remember it. So here are a few ways to do just that.

1.Write it down.

If one of my kids come to me and say “Mom, I’m almost out of toothpaste and there’s not any more in the closet.” Then my response is: “Write it down on the shopping list on the fridge.” or I grab the list and write it down. I don’t want to get to the store and forget something right?

The same is true for remembering a glimpse of God. The Scripture that spoke so personally to your heart this morning?

  • Write it on a card and post in the kitchen window.
  • Grab a post-it note and place it on the bathroom mirror.
  • Use a prayer or Scripture journal.

2.Mark the Scripture with highlighters, underline it, or you could use a journaling Bible.

My mom’s Bible is all marked up and I love reading her Bible to see the glimpses of God I know she had while she was reading. I’m still growing in the art department, but already, my children are LOVING to look through my journaling Bible.

3. Take a moment to create a digital memory of the encounter.

This could be taking a screenshot of your friend’s special text to you or snapping  a photo of an object that will help you remember the moment. Create an album on your smartphone specifically for your personal encouragement for walking with the Lord and store your digital shots in it so you can look right through them for a personalized slideshow of spiritual inspiration.

4. Keep a memory jar.

Use it to hold reminders of those special moments of seeing God in a new light.  You could keep slips of paper handy to write on. Whenever you have a “God moment,” then write it down, date it, and drop it in the jar. Or keep small objects that will help you remember the miracles. Think of how incredible it would be to look back through the jar on a rough day, remembering that God is working in your life and will continue to do so.

5. Use your talents or skills to create something to use as a memorial.

This could be ANYTHING! Are you a poet? Write a poem. Are you a runner? Take a run and log your insights at the end. Are you an accountant? Add up all the ways God has met with you this week and create a spreadsheet.

What if you haven’t seen God lately? Your heart is weary and you would do anything for a glimpse of how He’s working in your life. Spend time with him and ask him to provide you with the memory of a way he has worked in the past. Something in your life that you know was a gift from him. Take that memory and make a creation of it.

Yesterday I picked up a bag of stones from Michael’s for $2.99. With a black ZigWriter, I scribbled on the rock and I think I’m going to make a collection from One More Step. Not sure how it’s going to work out completely just yet, but I started with one.

When you are deep in that desperate place and God meets you, don't walk away and forget about it. Make a memorial when God meets you miraculously! #onemorestep

What’s your one today?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. What I do is the same way I ask “why me” when I think am going through a tough time, I have also learnt to ask “why not me” when my contemporaries are passing through daunting moments. At that point I start appreciating all that people pass through that God has Exempted me from.

  2. Thanku for helping me to understand I no everything is going to be ok

  3. I love this idea! I’m quick to record scripture, but wouldn’t it be nice on a down day to look through actual ways God spoke to me.

  4. Tracy Byers says:

    Twice this year, when I have been doing a tough physical challenge and thoughts of my dear brother who passed in April have flooded in, making it nearly impossible to go on, God has sent strangers to come and walk beside me- encouraging me enough to finish- and reminding me that HE is ALWAYS present!

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