2015 Bible Reading Challenge

bible reading challenge 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Bible Reading Challenge! For the past two years, we have read through the Bible in a year and most of us have used the M’Cheyne reading plan.  While this is a wonderful plan that I truly love, this year I’ve decided to focus on one chapter a day instead of 4. We won’t read the entire Bible through in a year; but we will read through at least one book each month.

Bible Reading Challenge for January

For the month of January, we are focusing on the book of Proverbs and we will read through one chapter a day. There are 31 chapters, so it works out perfectly.

Each Friday we will check in with each other and comment on the post to keep one another encouraged to continue reading. This month, I plan to add a few questions each Friday to allow us the opportunity to discuss the wisdom we are gaining from the book of Proverbs.

I’m excited about the layout of this new challenge and hope that you are too! Here are a few of the advantages I see:

  • Reading the Bible promotes spiritual growth.
  • Having a weekly group to check in with makes for wonderful accountability.
  • Reading one chapter a day will give us more time to soak up the Word daily.

The Simple Bible Study Guide

To encourage further study, I wanted to remind you of this wonderful tool that I love to use, The Simple Bible Study Guide. By answering four questions for each chapter of the Bible, you can read and study through the passage. This guide is available for you to print as a bookmark or as a journal page.

Proverbs Bible Reading monthly checklist

The Bible reading challenge for this month will be simple to remember and follow, but if you are a list person like I am, then you’ll enjoy this checkoff list. Click here or on the graphic below for the Proverbs Bible reading monthly checklist.

proverbs checkoff list


Read Through the Bible On Your Own

If you want to use our weekly Friday meetup for your own Bible reading plan, you are more than welcome to do so! I would encourage you to take a peek at this awesome plan that shows you exactly how to read your Bible through on your own, at your own pace.

Well, friends, there is the 2015 Bible reading challenge unveiled. I’m excited to see what the New Year holds and all that God is going to do through the Bible reading challenge!

If you plan to join in the January Bible reading challenge, what is your favorite aspect of this particular challenge?

Have a great day!



  1. I would like to join if it’s not too late.

    1. Absolutely! One of the reasons I wanted to do the challenge month by month so people would feel like they can jump in at any time. 🙂

  2. I’m excited to start it, late but better now than never. I’ve tried things like this before but they never worked for me because they never really let me fully get into the chapter that we were reading. it was on right after the other

  3. Cindy Schwartz says:

    I just found this website and really want to join in. I hope it is not too late. Going to start reading Proverbs now.

  4. I’m reading through the entire bible this year for the first time ever. I rededicated my life to Christ back in March, and I’m on fire for God!! I’m excited about your plan because it’s just a chapter a day, and we can talk about our insights together. And of course I’ve never read Proverbs all the way through before so YAY!!


  5. I like this idea. How do I get started. Is there an app I follow?

  6. I’m excited that this is a small way for me to get back on track and start the New Year on a great path. Start small with BIG expectations. Joining late, but I can catch up!

  7. I am excited to begin this study with a group of like-minded people!

  8. I love these challenges. I have done two online by invite and then started my own for women who need a place to come daily and share there needs etc, but also have set up daily reading from the book of psalm , a chapter aday.
    We check in and check out. I encourage them to pray for each lady in the group, which were 8 women from different places and walks wth God.
    We share words, pictures , scripture , whatever the Lord gives them.
    I love what your doing and want to be a part.

  9. Elizabeth S. says:

    I am so grateful to the Lord for helping me find your site this morning. My husband and I were just discussing about how to read the bible in a year – We’ve never stuck to a plan, or fully read it in some sort of sequence. My new year resolution is to do just that, find a group & plan to stick to it. I’m happy to join along.

  10. I am very excited to be a part of this. I read my bible daily and am an active member in my church, but this bible study will give me a sense of purpose. I will be reading the bible in order to collaborate with others who are reading exactly what I’m reading. It will be nice to interact with others to hear the message that they received while reading the same passages as I have. Hearing from others and having conversation is the easiest way for me to understand what is being said. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.

  11. This will be a new and exciting challenge for me – I don’t have a home church nor do I attend church but do wish to learn and read the bible. Glad to find others who wish to do the same. I am going through a rough time now as we had to let our beloved dog go to heaven a few days before Christmas and I just feel lost without her.

    1. I too am going through a rough time in my life. I’m sorry to hear about your dog. I know how animals are apart of a family.

  12. I am so looking forward to this. Getting ready to read chapter 1 now. Look forward to starting the year off right

  13. I’d just like to try reading the bible and discussing with others.

    1. Tomika,

      I also am like you. I enjoy reading the bible, but it’s always easier when there is discussion on what was read.

  14. I just now discovered this and I’m really excited to do this challenge. Usually now is when I would start my 21 day fast but I can’t this year due to pregnancy, so this would be great to start the year.

  15. Angie Amos says:

    I am excited to try this! I love the book of Proverbs, and I have been wanting to try an online bible study for a while. Plus, a chapter a day is not too intimidating. Yay!

  16. Can you suggest where I can purchase the book of Proverbs?

    1. Jessica- Proverbs is a 20th book in the Old Testament of the Bible. So if you have a Bible, you have the book of Proverbs! yay! If you don’t have a Bible, you can get a free Bible app with the book of Proverbs in it or if you need more info, please email me at rachel (at) rachelwojo (dot) com and I will get it to you!

      1. I found the app. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get started on this challenge. Happy New Year!

  17. I found this sight, Rachel, this past fall, and found it hard to jump in mid-stream. I have wanted to begin my day with the Lord, and have found this difficult, but none the less important to do. Thank you, Rachel for letting Him work through you. I look forward to learning, sharing, and praying with each other as we grow to know our Lord better and in becoming more and more of the woman that God created me to be.

    1. Yay- I think this is a very doable way to allow folks to begin reading any time throughout the year if we do the challenge month by month. 🙂 Glad you are joining in!!

  18. Trying to decide on where to start with my bible studying this year. Found your site – i am also an ohio girl! My goal is to simplify by focusing on God’s Word each day and possibly not while doing an online Bible study using a other book or a large group, BUT by looking specifically at what God wrote – what does He want me to see…I am praying that this is where God wants me to start. Thanks for making your site so accessible.

  19. Christina says:

    I’m excited to get deeper into to my relationship and to have some accountability as well!!

  20. I’m excited too. I like that it is one chapter at a time.

  21. I was recently introduced to your ministry by a friend. I have really enjoyed your website and your blogs. They have been such an encouragement to me! Thank you for your honesty and for motivating us to press into God! I’m so excited about the 2015 Bible reading challenge! Looking forward to digging deeper into God’s word! I love that we are starting in Proverbs, and 1 chapter a day is perfect! I definitely need the accountability check-in day to help me stay on track! Blessings to you, your family and your ministry!

  22. I’m excited! I feel like God is calling me to pursue Him this year. Big things are coming in 2015.

  23. Excited to begin a new faith journey for 2015. Recently given a challenging medical report so I am looking forward to changing my focus. Thanks for the new path you’ve provided.

  24. Rachel, I am more filled with anticipation than ever when it comes to reading my Bible! Seems like the daily reading will give me more time to journal, pray and meditate throughout the day! The first time I read the Bible, I was young and read it like a storybook… couldn’t put it down. The second time was slightly different as my relationship with Jesus had grown more intimate and I felt God truly speaking to me. Since those early years so much life has happened. I am busier with my children, grandchildren, work and community service…time seems to always be running out or I am just simply exhausted. My quiet time in the morning is the most wonderful time of my day and I look forward to beginning that time on January 1 with my Bible opened to Proverbs. Maybe I will read thru the Word with Wendy another time. Thx for the simplicity of this “plan”. A Blessed New year to the Wojo family!

  25. breaks it downa nd makes it easy one chapter a day easy to do

  26. Looking forward to this! I just happened upon your blog a month or so ago from Pinterest and tried to follow along a little too late, but I’m excited to start in with everyone else this year! This is a first for me too, so I hope the accountability to the group helps me. I’m really bad about starting but not finishing :/ I really think I have read the whole Bible (or at least the majority of it) but not in anything other than a hit and miss order and I want to know for certain I haven’t missed anything. God put it all in there for a reason so it must be important. Anyway, looking forward to the new year and this Bible reading challenge. 🙂

  27. This is doable! I’ve tried other plans but get over-whelmed quickly. I believe this is going to work for many of us. And, as we lift each other up in prayer, how can His words do anything but bless us! Thank you, Rachel!

  28. Stephanie says:

    Greetings! I am excited to start this challenge. I think it is a great idea to focus on one chapter at a time. I am looking forward to growing in my faith and developing a stronger relationship with God. To God be the Glory!!

  29. looking forward to the new year. My goals are to get closer to God and get healthy. Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

  30. So this is the first time I have ever tried a Bible Study, much less with an on-line “meeting place”. Tell me, do I just come to this website every Friday or ???? Thank you in advance for this opportunity to grow my faith with like minded people. God Bless.

    1. Yep! That’s all you have to do. I like to keep things simple. People are so busy that I’ve found the simpler we make it, the easier to stay involved. 🙂 We’ll begin reading Proverbs on New Year’s Day.

  31. I have to agree with all the comments. I have never studied Proverbs before. Since I am new to your site and love everything about it, I am excited to get ideas for Bible Study with a group of ladies I minister to at a Christian transition home in Los Angeles, CA. These wonderful women are so hungry to know Our Lord while they are learning to change their lives. I’m especially looking forward to the Friday check-ins. I look forward to hearing how Proverbs has spoken to everyone.

    1. Woohoo! Love your ministry, Pamela! The simple Bible study guide tool would be perfect for the ladies you mentioned!

  32. I am stoked about the new Bible Reading Challenge. I love the fact that we are going to focus on one chapter at a time. I think it will help me personally to deepen my understanding of God’s word. I also love that I will have so many great friends reading this with me and checking in each week. Absolutely can not wait to get started. =)

  33. Deborah. Jones says:

    First time to do a group Bible Study online. Excited about starting and love the four questions to ask myself, the one chapter to focus on a day as well as beginning with Proverbs learning and studying to become a true Proverbs 31 woman.

  34. Knowing that you are not alone – it helps when you have others reading along with you and knowing that on Friday we will come back to comment together. The insight of others is so growing. Let;s do this!!
    Happy New Year!!

  35. First time trying something like this. I’m ready!

  36. Perfect!! On top of this challenge promoting my/our spiritual growth, I’ll be looking forward to the Friday check ins, I need the accountability and love when people share what The Lord has laid in their hearts!!

  37. Angelina Navarro says:

    I’m most excited to have conversation with others, who are excited as I am

  38. Hello! I am excited for the new challenge! I really like that it focuses on 1 chapter at a time as I always felt confused going between chapters. I also like the idea of really deepening my thoughts for each chapter! I like the idea of checking in and discussing the proverbs. I think it will help deepen my understanding and/or provide new insights to my readings.
    Thank you as always for helping us on our own spiritual growth and journey!

  39. Sherell Rhine says:

    Hi, I just love the fact I will have someone whose reading and trying to get closer to God as I am. I don’t have a church home nor do I go to church due to work. So I like that I will be to connect with others while reading together.

    1. Amie Clark says:

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