20 Questions to Ask Those You Love

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those you love

Last weekend I read a book I could not put down. Really. I kept thinking about it when it wasn’t in my hand.

While those who know me well might argue that statement applies to every book, that’s not true.  Occasionally as a blogger, I receive books before they are released and this book was completely unsolicited. To make things more interesting, initially I took a glance at the cover and wasn’t impressed at all. But there were two things that caused me to pick up the book once more. A. Bob Goff endorsed the book. That man is a genius and loves Jesus. B. Who writes a book and titles it “Jesus Prom?”

Jesus Prom: Life Gets Fun When You Love People Like God Does

Four days passed before my schedule allowed any luxury reading, but as soon as Friday night came, I was on this book. And in this book. Soaked in beautiful simplicity, I read and tweeted for the next few hours. I can’t remember ever telling you that I really wish I could buy this book for every person I know. I wish I could give this book to every Christian I know. And actually love them into reading it.

But since I can’t do that, there is one thing I can do. I can tell you that of all the books I’ve read this year, this one has kept me thinking on it alllll week. The biggest question I have continually asked myself is:

Do I love people like Jesus loves people?

Then I kept thinking about how do I really love the people God has placed in my life and on my path. The first question for “20 questions to ask those you love” was provided in Jesus Prom in one of the beautiful stories told by the author, Jon Weece. The simple question is:

What can I do for you?

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but the emphasis of this question is on the word “can.” Because many times what we think someone needs is not really what they need. Jesus is a need-meeter. Is that a word? I just made it up. Being a need-meeter is more than being a provider. It is knowing first what people really need. Since I don’t always know this, I have to learn to gently ask.

All these thoughts led me to share this unusual, wonderful read with you. It also prompted me to produce this list of questions to help me think through loving others by asking them questions in a loving manner.

1. What can I do for you?

2. How are you doing?

3. How are you feeling?

4. Can I pick up something at the store for you?

5. What would you like to do?

6. Do you have an idea?

7. Can I do something for you?

8. How can I help you?

9. Do you need anything?

10. Did you do anything new today?

11. Can I help you with that?

12. Do you need something else?

13. Do you want me to take care of that?

14. What would you like to do?

15. How can I pray for you right now?

16. What do you think about it?

17. Do you know I love you?

18. Do you know Jesus loves you?

19. What’s your biggest frustration today?

20. How can I show my love for you today?

I hope you’ll buy Jesus Prom. I know it doesn’t release until Oct. 21st, but you can preorder it. I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a book to you that I really wish every Christian would read, so this is a first. Ignore the book cover (I didn’t care for it) and I’m telling you to ignore the Amazon description too (It doesn’t do the book justice at all.) Just get your hands on the book and I guarantee you’ll experience a heart change.

What good is a book if it doesn’t cause a heart change in some way, shape or form? It’s the beauty in words and our ability to interpret them.

What’s your favorite way to show others you love them?


If you want more info, check this out:

Jesus Prom: Life Gets Fun When You Love People Like God Does

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  1. Rachel, I just read a blog post where the author of the book spoke about the Joy in writing this book. I don’t want to say too much in case somebody is going to read it…I know I am! Thanks for the questions. A beautiful way to serve people by hearing them and respecting their wishes, as well as just listening!

    1. You’re going to love it, Mary!! I can’t wait to hear back from you on it. Be sure to let me know what you think!

  2. I do remember seeing a lot of tweets from you last weekend … Love it when something totally captures my attention, spirit, and imagination.

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