10 Things You Won’t Believe Happened to Me in 2014


2014 has been a wonderful year and sometimes I just shake my head at all the details God orchestrates in our lives on a daily basis. Here are a few that stood out to me as the 10 things you won’t believe happened to me in 2014, in no particular order.


10. I didn’t have a baby. 

I know- given sidebar right picture, it seems a crazy thing, doesn’t it?

9. I sat on half a chair with Kay Arthur and talked about tomatoes for a half hour.

Yep, it’s true. She is so awesome like that.

8. I ate approximately 15 lbs of chocolate.

The average American consumes 11.7 pounds of chocolate; I just consider myself “above average.”

7. I accidentally visited Egypt.

Our AWANA mission trip flights were delayed and we missed our connections to Africa. So we took the scenic route. Only I didn’t see any pyramids.

6. 3 of my children had outside play accidents that resulted in broken body parts. All on different occasions, of course. 

Have I told you “Wojnarowski” means warrior?

5. I had the best Chinese food I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. In Africa.

That’s pretty crazy, huh?

4. I read through the Bible for the (I think) 8th time. God is good.

3. I signed my first book contract with a publisher.

Releases September 2015!!

2. I appeared on the Game Show Network as a team member for American Bible Challenge.

I’m still grumpy about the outcome. If you love me, don’t bring it up.

1. I *almost* tasted a delicacy I’d never heard of before. 

So while in Africa, one night we were treated to the famous Carnivore restaurant, a meat lover’s paradise. I figured as the daughter of a wild, wonderful West Virginia hunter and game lover, I was up for the challenge. But with the heavy accent of the server, I clearly had no idea what he was offering when he said something, plopped it on my plate, and moved on. Meanwhile, my friend beside me says, “You don’t want to eat that.” “Why?” He whispered what it was and I loudly replied “Are you serious?”

I can safely say that was the first and last time I’ve ever had “ox balls” on my plate.

What crazy thing happened to you in 2014? I want to know!!

Thanks for being a part of the Bible Reading Challenges, for sending so much love over the Women of the Bible ebook and for reading. Looking forward to all God has for us in 2015!


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  1. I am reading through the Bible with my family for the first time. This will actually be all of our first times (4 kids and husband) and it’s less daunting doing it together. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. I love your top ten things. My 2014 was a re-awakening to the need to rely on God for everything and how He delights in this relationship. I also was blessed to do sing in the choir for my church’s Christmas show-Awaited. 14 shows in 6 days-whew! A whirlwind but a beautiful way to reach the city of Cincinnati to learn the story of Jesus.

  3. Michael Wilkinson says:

    Sounds like you had a great year.

    Sorry about the broken bones. Congrats on your book deal and your chocolate binge. (Hmm, was that on the Daniel fast?) Wisdom for the day: Beware of heavy-accented servers who plop mystery meat on your plate. Ugh! I don’t blame you for not tasting that. My taste for wild beast stops at caribou and buffalo meat. (No, they didn’t taste like chicken.)

    Which country did you visit in Africa?

  4. Christine says:

    After losing our grandson in 2013 a month before her due date, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in April. God is good.

  5. Rachel, just sat down with my daughter to read your 10 things….we both agree that some seem totally unbelievable literally! So glad your year’s reflection includes such great moments…love and laughter! God bless!

    1. Isn’t it funny how God does things? I couldn’t have dreamed it up if I tried. Blessings to you, dear Friend!

  6. When visiting a foreign country one never knows what you may eat. On a mission trip to Venezuela, my husband has eaten monkey head stew, tapir, lapa (river rat), and piranha. I’ve eaten lapa in Venezuela, and my 20 year old son has eaten guinea pig in Ecuador.

    You have certainly had quite a year! Wonder what 2015 will bring?

    Blessings Rachel,


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