5 Tips on Running When You Have Children

“How do you do find time to train for races?”


My husband and I are training for a half marathon and this question has been asked of us so frequently over the years that I thought I’d give you a few pointers today. Not that I’m a pro, by any means, but the logistics of having a busy household and committing to staying fit can be a bit tricky.

1. Agree to support each other.

Whenever and whatever it takes.  If your spouse is not running, be sure he/she is on board with your decision.  Not just on board, but cheering you on! :)

2. Accept childcare assistance.

For me, when I can run without my children, it’s a treat. I’m blessed to have a college age daughter who, when she is at home, will stay in the afternoons while the two youngest nap and the other children are in school.  Maybe you can exchange running times with a neighbor?  When my husband and I both need to run in the evenings, we exchange running time and “holding the fort” time.

3. Adjust as needed.

Keep the mile schedule if possible, but be willing to change your strategy for the day. Sometimes running on the treadmill while the kids play in the basement under my watchful eye is the best I can do for the day. If you know that one day of the week is going to be more flexible than another, run the longer mileage runs on the flex days. Click here to find the schedule I originally used to begin training for races.

4. Add your children!

This summer, my 10 yr. old son ran with Daddy in a 5 K while my 8 yr. old girlie ran with me. Running builds character and increases confidence in children!  My daughter placed first in her division- a very cool moment for all of us.

5. Appreciate whatever you can do.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t think the situation is most ideal.

Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.  Heb. 12:1

If you wait for the time to be perfect, you’ll never run.

I’d love to hear either your dilemmas OR tips for running with children.  Can you leave them in the comments?