One of the Hardest Decisions I Had to Make for My Children…

It wasn’t a schooling decision…home or community.

Or how much money to save.

That hard decision for my children wasn’t healthy food choices or the best preschool method.

Which Bible to read or what time to have meals.


it was giving up participating in the worship ministry at church.

I had to stop playing in the orchestra…singing with the choir.

Doesn’t that seem….weird?

The God who wired me to love music, gave me the education to teach music, and provided the ability to play…He impressed on my heart to stop being an active part of the weekly rehearsals and worship services in order to focus on my family.  It truly was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make.  My heart is in it, I love it…doesn’t it just make sense to do it?  But through His Word and spending time with Him, my ministry, my calling, became extremely clear to me.

My first ministry needs to be my family.

Prioritizing my family is a conscious, daily, even minute-by-minute, decision. It’s difficult at times, to say no to good activities; and the balancing act of motherhood seems to continually teeter in one direction or another.

Although it has been a year and a half since I’ve played in the orchestra, I’m still involved in church ministry. Multiple ones, actually. But the time allotted to them is not the same as the amount of time I was spending in worship rehearsals.  Practically speaking, my highest percentage of time of service goes to my family, and for me,right now, this is the right thing to do.

How about you? Has God ever asked you to re-align yourself with His highest calling for your life?

My friend, Ruth, over at the Better Mom, is talking about this on her fabulous blog for moms.   The @GraceFullMama is helping other moms process what God has for them; can you take a peek?