A Whisper of Hope

My heart is wrecked for the precious people whose lives have been forever altered in the saddest of manners. The Connecticut school tragedy caused a rampage of emotion for me, as for every parent in the nation. For those directly affected by this horrific tragedy, I can’t begin to comprehend your loss.

Saturday morning I walked through Sam’s Club very early and with an empty store and empty cart, I thought of the emptiness of all the hurting hearts during this holiday season. The Lord whispered to my heart:

Take whatever you have and give it away.

So while it seems very meager in the largeness of this moment, my ebook, 12 Days of Christmas for the hurting, is now available as a FREE download. I encourage you to read one devotional a day and may the Lord be with you during this extremely difficult holiday season.

Click here for the FREE Amazon Download of 12 Days of Christmas for the hurting.


  1. kristine says

    God Bless you. It was wisely said, do what you can. I hope your book helps the hurting. I have passed on a link to your book.

  2. says


    Thank you for your generous heart. I can’t even imagine what those parents, and that entire community are going through. I am praying for comfort, healing and restoration for the families and the community. I pray God’s mercy and grace on our nation and this Earth.

    Thank you for being a light pointing to Christ.
    In His Grip,

  3. Myra says

    Hi Rachel,
    I found a link to your book from the Money Saving Mom, which lead me here to your blog. Your story is an inspiring one, and I look forward to reading more when I have another quiet moment. Thank you for sharing the Ebook. I know that it will help many families to cling to God at a time like this, when we so desperately need to know he is still there. Blessings to you and yours and Merry Christmas!