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Two of the key points on this blog are:

1. The Bible is God’s Word and crucially important to everyday living.

2. Families matter to God.

I am so excited to introduce you to a new DVD series by Phil Vischer titled

What’s In The Bible?” because it fits the above two points precisely.

Our family had the privilege of previewing the first DVD of the series and it is just incredible!

While the target audience is kindergarten through 5th grade, this new series is versatile for the entire family, from adults to toddlers.  The content covered in each video is a thorough overview of one or several books. Historical and chronological references assist the viewer in understanding the complete timeline of the entire Bible, once the series is finished.  Currently, there are six DVD’s covering the books of the Bible through Chronicles, as well as the Christmas DVD which releases TODAY!

DVD 1 covers Creation and Noah’s Ark and it sets the stage for the remaining books of the Bible, providing framework for the DVD series.

The Christmas DVD is simply brilliant, providing an overview of many traditions, as well as explaining the origination of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree.  Of course, the true Christmas story is the celebration of the birth of Christ and Phil Vischer tells this story with wonderful detail.

As an affiliate for What’s in the Bible? I have a fantastic offer coming for you, my readers!!! So stay tuned to the blog this week for the release of this great deal!

In the mean time, take a peek. 🙂


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