Week 1 Outside the Zone

Tonight our ladies’ Bible study group discussed our comfort zones as an introduction to the course.  One definition of “comfort zone” was a comfortable place where self-imposed boundaries define our thoughts and actions.  The boundaries can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Our desire as a study group is to focus on journeying outside our spiritual comfort zones.

In reviewing Heb. 11:1, “…Faith is the evidence of things not seen…” and Luke 1:37 ,”For with God, nothing is impossible”, we began to  Biblically reveal the real miracle of faith God wants to provide His children when they step outside their comfort zones and trust Him fully.  Each and every day, God calls us to step out in faith and passionately pursue Him, regardless of our comfort level.  In Matthew 9:20-22, the woman with the issue of blood is a great example of stepping out in faith.  She had obstacles, but overlooked them.  She could have made excuses, but chose to squelch them.  Her faith was her sole focus and she was made whole.  Her example should be inspiration for us!

As we begin to further study Bible characters who went “outside their zone,” the questions we will answer:

What do I do when I think “I don’t look the part.”

What do I do when I think “I don’t have that type of personality.”

What do I do when I think “I’m not gifted in that area.”

What do I do when I think “My family doesn’t work that way.”

What do I do when I think “No one will believe me.”

What do I do when I think, “I’m at a different stage of life.”

Any of these sound familiar?

We ended on a quote with anticipation of the next study:

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be outside our comfort zone.” – John Maxwell

So: want to be “in the zone” or “outside the zone?”

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