Psalms Bible Reading Plan for January 2021

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Praying the Psalms

Welcome to the Psalms Bible Reading Plan for January 2021!

Here we are- at the end of 2020, a crazy year full of unusual circumstances. I’ve heard from many of you throughout the year and especially in the last month, as you’ve endured financial stress, personal heartache, physical illness, and mental illness. It’s been a tough year as if you need me to tell you that. Grief, loss, and heartache are no strangers to you, nor to me.

When I lost my mama to leukemia twenty years ago, my husband encouraged me to read the Psalms. The book of Psalms became a familiar friend, one that I would spend time with over and over again, pouring balm on my hurting heart.

When deep loss struck again and my daughter, Taylor, went to heaven two years ago now, the book of Psalms became more than a familiar friend. I felt the depth of the words in my soul on a level that I can’t explain. The emotional tie grew deeper than friendship; it became a blood bond.

January 2019, in the days following Taylor’s funeral, I would drop off my children at school and return home to an empty house. Sorrow would roll over my soul and I wept. I couldn’t think rationally. I found myself pouring over the psalms again. For as long as it took to gain enough strength to get up and do what I had to do next. Whether I needed to sweep the floor or write an article, I somehow could find enough clarity and strength in the psalms to get through the next moment. The next day, it all repeated. I’m still reading at least one psalm daily and imagine I will do so for the rest of my life.

I have always shared God’s Word with you from my own experiences. In my deepest pain, I’ve experienced the deepest love. The prayers in this book have been wrought in mourning and heartache.

While it has only been a couple months since we walked through this challenge for the first time, I’ve never received as many responses to a Bible reading challenge as I have this one. I always pray and ask the Lord to show me what your needs are. I feel like He is whispering to my heart that there are so many hurting people who need to bring their sorrows to Him. It’s like He’s asking me, “Could you lead the way once more?”

So, dear friend, let’s soak in the Scripture each day for the month of January.

Praying the Psalms

INTRODUCTION to the Challenge

Each month I host a monthly Bible reading plan and journal challenge to help our community enjoy reading God’s Word together and encourage our hearts to be faithful to Him.  Together, we have completed over 35 Bible reading plans, including both annual and monthly reading challenges. I’ve developed all sorts of strategies to help us read God’s word faithfully and there is nothing like this monthly system we are working through together.

Many readers have requested that I list our monthly resource at the beginning of this announcement post because you already know you want it and don’t need the details. So here you are! This month’s journal is available for purchase as a digital download.



Check out all the details below!

Psalms Bible Reading Plan for January 2021


  1. Follow the daily Bible reading plan and read the passage. Share what you are learning on social media if you’d like. My goal is to draw closer to Jesus and I want that for you too! This month the hashtags are: #prayingthepsalms #biblereadingplan
  2. Recommended: Journal your thoughts and prayers using the Praying the Psalms Bible Reading Plan & Journal . This simple guide will help you stay focused and accountable. It will also leave a legacy for you to enjoy in the future!
  3. Optional: Join the Facebook group to see what others are learning and sharing. Enjoy our prayer community in the group as we pray for one another’s needs. Be in the know with bonus material such as practical tips, tools, and resources Rachel shares, Facebook live videos, and recently added focused music playlists based on the monthly Bible reading challenge topic.

Praying the Psalms Bible Reading Plan Printable

Praying the Promises BIBLE READING PLAN

1. Psalm 4:1-8

2. Psalm 5:1-12

3. Psalm 39:12&13

4. Psalm 69:1-12

5. Psalm 69:13-18

6. Psalm 143:1-6

7. Psalm 143:7-12

8. Psalm 55:16-23

9. Psalm 67:1-7

10. Psalm 61:1-8

11. Psalm 17:1-9

12. Psalm 28:1-9

13. Psalm 51:1-9

14. Psalm 51:10-19

15. Psalm 31:1-5

16. Psalm 141:1-10

17. Psalm 116:1-7

18. Psalm 77:1-12

19. Psalm 18:1-6

20. Psalm 102:1-14

21. Psalm 130:1-8

22. Psalm 54:1-7

23. Psalm 84:1-12

24. Psalm 64:1-10

25. Psalm 88:1-9

26. Psalm 86:1-10

27. Psalm 86:11-17

28. Psalm 119:145-149

29. Psalm 6:1-10

30. Psalm 142:1-7

31. Psalm 3:1-8

Download your book and screenshot the graphic to your smartphone to mark it as a favorite for easy daily digital access. You could also use a simple printable copy of the daily reading plan. Click on the graphic titles above or HERE to print out a copy of the Bible reading plan printable. Share one with a friend!

Ready? We’ll begin January 1st, just as we do each month!

By his grace,


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