Peeling Back the Paper

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This morning I’ve spent a good deal of time removing wallpaper boarder.

I just felt your cringe.

Instead of looking at it as work, I was viewing it as stress relief. 🙂  Then the more I reflected… God started teaching me.

About wallpaper? Yep. Wallpaper.

Life is really a whole lot like that procedure I was performing this morning.

You soak down the first layer.

Then pray that it loosens up enough to scrape it off. 

Then you soak down the second layer.

And scrape it off.

At last, you are down to the bare wall.  But is it pretty?

Definitely not. 

It still has to be washed down. Then repaired.

Must be primed.

Then sanded.

And finally, it is ready for that first coat of paint.

Even that first coat looks skeptical, but by the second? You can tell what it’s going to look like in the end.

And when that final coat of paint is completed, WOW. It will knock your socks off.

So while I’m thinking through this whole endeavor, the lesson I was learning?

Life is like that procedure.

I’m the wall, got some junk on me, and God is cleaning it up.  Scraping off that old stuff that’s no longer necessary. As the Word soaks me…gets into my pores…soaks my mind, the trash begins to drop.  God is using the refining process to prepare that ol’ wall. When the crud is gone, His plan is to start painting.

And in the end, WOW.

It’s gonna knock your socks off.  

Job 23:10

But He knows the way that I take; [When] He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.

This is the reason we can give thanks for the testing and trials in our lives.  This is the reason that Thanksgiving is not about being thankful for “stuff.”

Thanksgiving is when you are thankful for God peeling back the paper.

Because your big reveal of the reflection of His grace is about to shine through.

How is God scraping the junk out of your life today? Can you be thankful for it?