MOM Initiative Post Today

I had a wonderful weekend at the Proverbs 31 ministries She Speaks conference!! I just had to tell you that. I should also tell you that my husband is a stellar dad. And I mean STELLAR! 🙂

It’s a new busy week on the blog. Today I’m writing for the MOM Initiative- my first post over there, so I hope you’ll stop by!

(I do have a fabulous giveaway for you tomorrow though, so be sure to stop by for the chance to win a BEAUTIFUL little girl’s Bible. Pink and very princessy. 🙂 )

Motherhood can be lonely. Can’t it?  I mean, who counts the places that they’ve nursed a baby? (raising a sheepish hand.)  Who cheers for their toddler going potty and makes a phone call to Daddy while he’s working just to brag on it? (the other hand…)

While we know other people travel these roads, it can seem like not another soul is on the same journey that we are as parents.

Parenting came seem to be a lonely job. 

But can I interject that being the mother of a special needs child is even more lonely? 

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