List Driven; Grace Given

The List.

Daunting. Growing. Evolving.

Beautiful or ugly.

But for me, necessary.

I’ve lived most of my life focusing on a list of some sort. Usually multiple ones.

Shopping. Grocery. Projects.

Are you list driven?

Perhaps your spouse is. And you despise it, as “the list” has a tendency to rule your Saturday. Or ruin the day if not completed.

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching Lysa Terkeurst and Ann Voskamp deliver a webcast entitled “Yes to God.”  Both ladies hit the mark on what saying yes to God really means on a daily basis.

So it is no great wonder that Satan wanted to do everything in his power to have me saying yes to him today.

Because if we aren’t saying Yes to God, then we are saying Yes to the enemy.  – Lysa

I love lists. Truly I do. But when they govern my life in totality, life is out of balance.

And worse:

the list drives my day.

So I really needed to hear this:

It is not what I have accomplished during a day, but who have I been with? – Ann

When doubts enter my  mind as to my abilities, I fear failure, or have feelings of insecurity, then it is time to remember, not who I am, but who I am in Christ. 

In Jesus, I am equipped to do with this grace. – Lysa

And when the chaos of this house, my children, the busyness of life stirs my heart, mind and soul to a point of frustration then I must remember:

Peace is not a place. Peace is a Person. -Ann

If you missed the webcast, you can still watch it until Thurs., Sept. 8, 2011, midnight, if you click here: . 

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