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Hey Friends! Today I’m excited to continue teaching the Bible study, Hannah and the Power of Prayer, at We’re on our second week of a four week teaching series and I can hardly wait to meet again tonight!

Last week I pointed you towards the ch@t prayer pattern bookmark and journal page and this week I’m excited to provide you with the FREE complete Bible study guide to accompany my book, The Sensational Scent of Prayer. Here’s the scoop on this FREE Bible study guide:

How to Use the Study and Study Guide

The Sensational Scent of Prayer, available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback form, is a 10,000 word book covering Hannah, an Old Testament Bible character who is known for her answered prayer of God giving her a child. The book was written as a summary of the Bible study teaching originally completed through a ladies’ community Bible study.

This study guide has been written to accompany the book in two forms.  One, you may be attending a live teaching event or watching an online video and, as you listen to Rachel speak, you may complete the blanks.  If you are unable to attend a live event or watch the videos, you can still complete the study guide by reading through the book.  The guide includes an outline of the 4 weeks of book and Scripture reading, to be completed with each lesson.

Secondly, between each week of lessons, five days of prayer journaling pages along with daily Scripture readings for meditation are available for prayer encouragement.  Simply read the suggested Scripture reading and follow the ch@t prayer pattern for your prayer time each day. Feel free to write your prayer in the journaling section, use this section for your thoughts on the Scripture reading, or both.  Whatever works for your needs and serves to assist in you growing in your spiritual walk in Christ! If you’d like to use an additional tool to enhance your Scripture reading time, I highly suggest the Simple Bible Study Guide: 4 questions you can use for any section of the Bible available on in the Printables section.

And that’s the scoop on the FREE Bible study guide! You can CLICK HERE for the free .pdf to open or on the graphic below.  I hope to upload the video series to YouTube soon. In the mean time, this would be a super study to do on your own this summer. Enjoy!