Creating A Place to Pray

creating place to pray

In households as busy as the one I attempt to manage, you can imagine that creating a place to pray can sometimes be a little challenging. I’m guessing that creating a place to pray could be challenging for you at times as well.  Whether you live in a busy house full of people or you live alone, we all have distractions that at times prevent us from truly focusing on prayer.

Prayer is simply having a conversation with God and we can do that anywhere and anytime. But prayer is not only talking and listening; prayer is building a vibrant personal relationship with the Lord. Building relationships takes purposeful interaction.

My hubby and I love each other and have multiple conversations throughout the day about various topics. But if all we ever had is casual conversation, our relationship would be missing depth. So we purposefully choose times to talk to one another and focus on each other. We prepare in advance and do the best we can with the time and environment we have.

God loves us so very much. Isn’t it incredible to think that the God who created the Universe wants to have personal conversations with each of us, His children? So how can we focus on creating a personal place to pray? Today I wanted to share a few ideas on creating a space to pray. Maybe you have a tiny house and no “extra” space or maybe you have a favorite nook already… regardless of your environment, maybe one or two of these ideas will prompt you to be more purposeful to spend time in prayer.

1. Use a particular room and sitting place for prayer time each day.

I have a rocking chair in the bedroom still (even though my youngest is almost 3 :)) and I’ve used this space to pray each afternoon after I put my littlest down for nap. A friend told me that his space is in the family room on the heater vent. In the winter, he said that sitting on the carpet by the vent is his favorite place to pray. Doesn’t matter which room or the furniture, having the same place each day can be a reminder to pray.

2. Have a visible signal for family members to understand that quiet time is underway.

Maybe the signal could be a lamp or certain light setting. Or simply if you see a family member with a Bible in lap. Or what if the signal was a burning candle on the kitchen table? I just HAD to share this candle with you because it is such a favorite of mine:
Many Were the Plans in Her Heart-Frosted Glass Candle
Many Were the Plans in Her Heart-Frosted Glass Candle – $17.50
from: DaySpring Cards Inc

3. Use a doorhanger to request quiet time.

Sometimes a little “Do Not Disturb” hanger is  in order for having prayer.  I found this simple one to give you an option:

Do Not Disturb – Door Hanger by MySigncraft

4. Use this FREE simple printable door hanger.

This printable prints 2 hangers on one sheet of 8.5×11 sheet of cardstock. Just click on the graphic or HERE to open the .PDF and print.

prayer in progress

5. Keep your quiet time items in a box or basket in the same place.

Perhaps your Bible, prayer lists, prayer journal, pen, or whatever supplies you enjoy using for prayer time with God could be kept together as  a sweet reminder of the time spent.

I know you have some great ideas to share with us! So be sure to leave a comment with your best tip for creating a prayer environment in your home. And don’t miss out on this post of Prayer Journals and Gift Ideas- it’s a favorite around here!

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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Moms Think Alike

You know we are about to start the Unglued study here in Columbus tonight, right?

My sweet friend, Mindy, tweets this week:

“Bathroom stalls make great prayer closets.” -Lysa Terkeurst

Well, it’s true. All the mamas know it. We can Amen! it.

So just a little tip for ya today: