Why Every Mom Needs A Chocolate Stash & Giveaway

why every mom needs chocolate

Last week my friend and I texted each other about our day ahead. And each of us had a bit of a crazy haul for the day. Just life with kids. Schedules. Work. So our conversation turned towards chocolate. I thought about it and I believe this is why every mom needs a chocolate stash.

For the morning you crawl out of bed later than intended because you were up all night with a sick child. You ask for just a few moments to take a quick shower before making breakfast and the other kids seem ok with that. But you weren’t as quick as you meant to be and they made breakfast for themselves.

Consisting of pepperoni and  red velvet cupcakes. You only pray they didn’t eat them together.

For those moments when you just finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes, hand your son his lunch and he asks:

What’s for dinner?

For that day when you wait in the drop off line, only to wait in the doctor’s office, and then wait after the ball game. Finally you tuck your daughter into bed late due to all the extenuating circumstances of the day and as you reach the door of her bedroom, you hear…

Mom? Wait, I forgot to do my homework.

For that time the babysitter calls and, after apologizing to you for the scare, asks where to push the button for the garbage disposal. At which time, you reply:

What garbage disposal?

For the moment you hear a yell from downstairs and practically fly down the steps to discover the problem. A tiny toddler is covered in chocolate pudding and you breathe a sigh of relief to see no blood. Only to pause for a moment to take in the stench and realize…

That’s not chocolate pudding.

Yes, every mom needs a private chocolate stash.

And in my opinion, every mom could also use this awesome book:

Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine

My quick overview of this book?

“Crystal Paine writes from her heart and soul, yet makes life doable in the modern age.I love the organizational ideas and time management tips in this book, as well as the occasional inspirational chat. Balancing discipline and grace can be accomplished and Crystal provides guides with flexibility points. As a wife, mom to 7 and woman of many hats, I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to simplify and manage life.”

If you’d like to find out more on the book, you can check it out right here on Amazon.

And if you’d like to help someone with their chocolate stash, you can do that here. Or here. (A girl needs options, right?)

new whimsical wed

Alright, it’s Whimsical Wednesday and all our fine blogging friends are coming by to link up so we can share each other’s encouraging posts. I’m so grateful for their awesome writing skills and appreciate the beautiful community we join in together here!

Before you check out the link up party, be sure to leave a comment and answer:

In what “Mom moment” could you have used a private chocolate stash?

I’ll randomly choose one comment to send a little private stash. Giveaway ends 12am, 1/24/14. No comments after that time will be considered as entries.

See you tomorrow!


This God—his way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true;he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. Psalm 18:30

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  1. Making sure all the kids rides were completely organized. All set. Everyone knew their role and location. I came home, started dinner…forgot my son. Grrrr. Late dinner and unhappy boy.

  2. I can think back to the times when my three children seemed to be ravenous animals! LOL It was then that I could have used a private stash of chocolate – enough to pitch towards them to distract the little darlings and enough left to enjoy for myself. Sharing chocolate seems to be the only way to really savor it!

    Jeremiah 15:16 Comes to mind. “Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.”

  3. Every momma needs chocolate! I remember my own mom counting out 5 Hershey kisses each night. I’m sure it was her way to unwind after herding five kids around all day. I also love chocolate and can remember many funny stories when my boys were growing up. Now that chocolate moment comes when one of my grown sons comes to me for advice or because they need a hug. You never stop needing your momma and I have learned this lesson from my own mom and as a mom myself. Be blessed, love well and delight in every moment!

  4. It was a sticky summer day some years ago, and we were at my folks for a gathering with my 5 siblings and their families. Rach was walking outside (we just need to check on her once in a while). Well when I did, I nearly lost my lunch. Rachel was sitting in Mom and Dad’s garage covered from head to toe in grease and her excrement, happy as a lark of course.

    I needed chocolate then…badly!

  5. Loved the post 🙂 I dive into my chocolate stash when I realize that our house now consists of four pre-teen/teenage daughters. Life is crazy, busy, chaotic, messy and downright unpredictable. And I love it..though having chocolate on hand is always a good idea for those moments I forget that I love this life. Blessings to you Rachel!

  6. Oh what a wonderful post! I could relate so well to so many of these. I’m sure other moms did, too! Our children really do help us build our patience and character! Now that my 13-year-old has started her period, I have another chocolate lover in the house so there’s always at least a bag of chocolate chips in the fridge.

  7. I’m not a mom & I’m not married, but even us single girls need a chocolate stash. I take care of my grandmother so for me it’s those days where I am “fixing” the TV every time she wants to change the channel but she can’t remember how to work the remote. Or those days when she has a doctor’s appointment and insists that she needs a wheel chair even when she is perfectly capable of walking. Or the days when she decides to help out by cleaning the kitchen and leaves it in a bigger mess than it was in because she got tired in the middle of it. Or when she thinks that I need to drop everything and come running just because she doesn’t want to get out of bed and wants to tell me something. (If it is urgent, it’s not a big deal, but most of the time it is stuff that can wait.) Or those days where she is so confused that I look at her and just want to cry.

    1. Oh Girl! Prayers for your grandma- such a stage of life. And prayers for you too! For grace and mercy and your chocolate stash to be aplenty.

  8. Just the other week, my son spilled his drink all over his library book. Then my cat decided to vomit right beside the mess! Ack, those stinkin’ hairballs! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I could have used a chocolate stash for when I would have to hold my daughter’s hand in order for her to fall asleep at night. I would lay on the floor and stick my hand through the slats in her crib, and then I would end up falling asleep and wake up 3 hours later and have to get myself ready for bed!

  10. rachelcartucci says:

    My son was grocery shopping with me and I was reading the back of a yogurt container when I heard laughter from behind me…lots of people laughing. My son had taken off his shirt and was making funny faces and rubbing his chest…he had a crowd of people watching him. I needed chocolate…I needed a stash right then!

  11. When your four-year-old wakes up in a never-happens good mood….only for it to be squashed by the fact that his red pants are dirty and he can’t wear them. Or any other not-his-idea thing that happens in the morning.

  12. My four year old refusing to potty train, and had eight “accidents” in one day on the floor, and me telling him “when we make messes, we clean up our messes” and he is screaming, and I am spraying the disinfectant on the messes and handing him paper towels, and he is NOT wanting to clean up the messes, and my dryer is not really working and making a huge racket……me with extra laundry, and I am supposed to be making dinner…..and the three year old is making his own mess and I know this because he is way too quiet…..

  13. I could do with a stash every night when I get them into bed. As a homeschooling mom, some days are really long.

  14. When my son comes home from school with an attitude and it’s only been 2 seconds since he walked in the door that I hear screaming from both him and his sister. {chocolate.needed}

  15. Candy Bulloch says:

    I could use a chocolate stash when my girls are constantly fighting, the dog has peed on the rug and my son just sits there, and especially when that beautiful attitude and eye rolling my tween son has learned comes out whenever asked to do something.

  16. I know that when children are very quiet–too quiet, you should CHECK on them. But one morning I embraced the quiet, ignored the warnings in my head, and enjoyed my 10 minutes alone putting on my makeup, getting ready for church. Once my face was on, I proceeded to my son’s room to “check” on the unusually quiet baby. Sleep hadn’t overcome him. He was fully awake. I walked in to find that he too had been putting on his makeup. He had found an old lip-stick that I (during a brainless mommy moment) had given my 3 year old daughter. (A-hem…) Chocolate please. Lipstick all over his face, cute little sailors outfit (he was dressed for church) and white socks and shoes. That was 20 years ago. He and his sister did survive despite my bad mommy days. Even though they have flown out of the nest, his brother is 16 going on 30. Need I say more? Blessings to you Rachel! Thank you for all you do, all the encouragement and ministry, and the link-party. I’ll link your blog back to mine. Happy Wednesday!

  17. Lori White says:

    I could have used a chocolate stash when we had to completely remove the toilet from our house to remove the tooth brushes our son flushed. And again, when we had to remove it the second time for the same reason. Oh, and again when we realized those might not have been the only times he experimented with our toothbrushes in the toilet.

  18. When I realize I’ve taken on too much and am losing myself in what I do…prayer and a chocolate stash are the solutions!

  19. I am thankful for the kids though(I don’t want to seem complaining).. God has given me the greatest gift of my kids….and the love of chocolate and coffee to help me get through it all! I appreciate your website and the many times your words have encouraged/helped me. I do not have friends –so, websites like yours are a blessing. thx

    1. oh Su! There’s a bit of freedom when Moms are vulnerable enough to say, “Yep, we have those days too!” Love my family like no other and wouldn’t change a thing for the world. Betting you do too! But God gives us grace and yes- chocolate and coffee are gifts from Him too! 🙂

      1. Thank you! :0)

  20. Boy, you have got that finish one meal what’s the next one down! That’s exactly what goes on in my house. It’s kind of like the spilled whatever on the just barely dry from cleaning it floor. Yup. thx

  21. I could use a chocolate stash right now as I try to fall back asleep after getting up to change my 3 year old’s wet underwear at 2 in the morning. He was doing so well with no Pull Ups! Just need some chocolate and some patience now (:

  22. I run my own home daycare on top of homeschooling and keeping up with my house. So I could definitely use a chocolate “getaway” on days when I jump out of bed late and have to start the day without time to myself or even much time to get into the Word, no long showers or much time to wake up. When one child is throwing up, the other has explosive diarrhea, the other is cutting his sisters hair off and one child is hitting another. On days when I have to leave immediately from my house as soon as my daycare kids leave to get to a church event or practice with my 5 year old son somewhere, and I haven’t really had time to clean myself up and dinner isn’t made and on the table waiting for my husband….days when I am so worn out that I can barely keep my eyes open by the end of the day…. I love my life and am so thankful for what God has blessed me with, but it can be exhausting and wearying many days!! 🙂

  23. Days like today: one dog barfs, the other pees a lake on the floor, kids blank stare instead of helping and then move at a snail’s pace to get towels, homeschool doesn’t go quite as it should to start, I feel unglued because of current circumstances and trying to make those work, and I wasn’t even in to my 2nd cup of coffee (though I’m thankful I choked one down)…..all in the first 20 minutes of my day. Thankful for good music, good friends, and a great God to get me through on days like today

  24. How every time that I lay the sleeping baby down to get some work.done, my 3 year old wants to play with him? Or during the 20 min melt down my almost 6 year old has because his brother spilled his milk and he doesn’t care that his brother apologized, cleaned it up, and even offered to get new milk for him. Yup, chocolate stash in the laundry room.

    1. I just want to add that I feel like I’m complaining about my kids but they are truly fantastic boys and I’m so blessed by them (almost) every day. But there are certainly moments that I need to just walk away from to calm down and regroup 🙂

      1. Oh girl! It’s a safe place to “complain.” We all get it. I love my kids to the moon and back. But those mommy moments require extra grace. And chocolate. 😉

  25. Thanks so much for giving me a secret chocolate stash last week!! And I can’t wait to read the book. I’ve needed a chocolate stash for those times when I think I can’t muster up the strength to make one more sandwich, or do another load of clothes, or break up another argument!!

    1. The book is so very helpful. Really provides focus for the many hats women wear. You know I can’t say enough about it- and I don’t say that about every book I read . 😉

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