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Congratulations to Karen Logan!!

I was very proud of my Tristina yesterday. She came home with two letters for her cousins who are serving in the military. Sometimes I think we forget how important it is to teach our children about the cost of freedom. As I often heard growing up, “Freedom is not free.”

With that said, I do have something FREE if you win the random drawing! The Young American Patriot’s Bible, edited by Dr. Richard Lee, has beautiful full-color insert pages that feature a collection of historical figures.  Presidents, forefront thinkers, monuments and events are just a few of the wonderful additions to the pages in this beautiful book.    The Bible is the New King James Version and what a great way for your child to learn about both their spiritual heritage and American heritage at the same time!

To enter, leave a comment below answering the question:

How do you teach your children about their American heritage and the cost of freedom?

For an additional entry, you may subscribe to this blog. The winner via random drawing will be announced at 9am EST, Sat., 11/12/11.  Have fun!

This book is being provided as part of the Tommy Nelson children’s books program.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Well… Lindy is obsessed with the American Girl dolls, so that opens up a lot of conversations about American History. And Allen has a fascination for all things war related, so we have talked a lot about wars- from Biblical history to American History to current events. Our dinner conversations tend to wander all over the place and the cost of freedom has not been an uncommon topic.

  2. Michael Conners says:

    We talk about our. Our country & its Founders at the dinner table when the topic comes up – a lesson at school, a holiday, a news event.

    We talk about our ancestors and why they came to America from their ancestral home for freedom and improve their life and that of their children & onward.

  3. How do you teach your children about their American heritage and the cost of freedom?

    We started every since they were born to take them to the monuments around our home. Every 4th of July we take a trip just down the road from our home to Washington Crossing to hear and see a reenactment of the Declaration of Independence. We really believe trips like this will make an impact in our children’s lives. I spend a lot of time talking to my children about their own family in the military and any chance we get to donate food, clothing, toiletries we do. Just a few weeks ago we joined our church and baked lbs of brownies to send to the troops!

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