There’s A Party in Heaven!

Last May, I was afforded the privilege to serve in various capacities at a church conference for mothers of children with special needs.  This week, I was reminded of the event as the children and I gathered to read at night before bed.  Since we were on spring break from school, it was a very precious time together and the kids took turns reading aloud to the rest of us.

On Tristina’s night to read, she chose the book “There’s A Party in Heaven!” and exclaimed before beginning:

“I LOVE this book.”

I love this book too.

One of my favorite pages says:

There’s no need for hearing aids, glasses, and such.

We’ll all have the healing we’ve longed for so much.

I won’t see one shot needle , wheelchair, or crutch

In Heaven.

When we finished the book, Tristina asked a question:

Will Taylor be able to talk in Heaven?

“Yes, Sweetie. Taylor will be able to talk.  She won’t be sick or have a boo-boo in her brain anymore. (MPSIIIB)”

I could just see Tristina’s wheels turning at the thought of what a difference Heaven will make for Taylor.   Taylor lost her ability to communicate before Tristina was born.  For seven years, Tristina has had an older sister who cannot speak to her.

What a sweet promise of God to have the privilege of delivering to my children: that in Heaven, Taylor will be whole. She can tell us everything she’s ever wanted to say and she won’t be sick, ever again.

You can read this book online; the illustrations are magnificent in color.  Click on the link and you’ll be ready to read!

A great one to own!

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