The Big Whopper Children’s Devotional Giveaway & Review

Ok, the name of this devotional really isn’t the Big Whopper Children’s Devotional. (I’m sure you thought it was…) But it’s so huge and wonderful that I renamed it. 🙂 The real name is: Read and Share Bedtime Bible and Devotional. This book has more than 200 Bible stories and 50 devotionals! Now you see why I named it the Big Whopper. It’s a shame that I can’t convince Tommy Nelson to change the name. 😉

This devotional is full of conversation starters, activities, songs, prayers, and verses. The book is divided into two sections, the Bible story section and the devotional section. Each section has a parent info and tips page for maximizing the use of this beautifully illustrated book. The Bible section is divided into Old Testament and New Testament and is introduced by a very important promise to remember:

A Promise to All God’s Children:

No one has even seen this.  No one has ever heard about it.  No one has ever imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. I Corinthians 2:9

The designated age bracket for this Bible is 4-7, but I will tell you that this is a rare book that I feel can reach a broader age span.  My youngest enjoyed it (above) and her sister, age 3, loved it also!

I’m thrilled to be giving away one of these whopper devotionals, so if you’ll follow the instructions below, you can enter to win!

Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my review; all opinions are my own.

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  1. Christine Aichele says:

    When I have my nephews spend the night, I have a little devotion book I read to them. I want them to know that God is important at Aunt Chrissy’s house as well as at home.

    1. Christine Aichele says:

      Just posted at 11:23 pm but it says 3:23 am.

  2. Sha'rrell Haws says:

    would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

  3. My oldest daughter has always led the story of Moses. But her favorite all time bedtime story is one I made up about her and her sister in the Land of Sweets. Ha!

  4. Carmela Whitcomb says:

    I’vd heard a lot of great things about this book!

  5. I would read Good Night Moon to my kids.

  6. My son is just getting to the age where he is sitting still long enough to listen to Bible stories and he loves reading with me! This book would be a great addition to our family devotional time.

  7. Evangelita B. says:

    My 4 year old loves all books. one of his favorite book is brown bear.

  8. This would be an amazing addition my kids love reading the bible and other books that go along with the Bible!! We would love to add this to our collection!!

  9. Jennifer Gauntt says:

    We read my daughter’s Awana book at night. They just love to read!!

  10. my children are just starting to bring books to me. i used to get discouraged, because they didn’t seem to be interested at all in listening me read, but now they’re enjoying it, and i’m thankful. they like any of the lego stories that we have best. my hubbie reads them Bible stories every night, and when he can’t, i read from a book called “Through Golden Windows”.

  11. Last year we read “Egermeier’s Bible Story Book” and we really liked it, but now it would be great to have another Bible storybook to read from! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I am always looking for devotionals to do with my Kiddos. Glad to find one with a great review from someone who’s opinion I trust! Thank you again and God be with you and your family!!

  13. We would rename it since the BIG WHOPPER Children’s Devotional is a great name but Burger King said we can’t! ha ha 🙁

    Love this post!

  14. Bernadette DeLoza says:

    My daughter loves reading Bible Blessings before bed and sharing stories of her day that it reminds her of. I would love to add this book to our night time stories.

  15. My kids love reading their childrens bible. We have a new baby and they like to add this as their routine for his bedtime since they are the older sisters.

  16. My 5 year old loves it when I tell him stories from my growing up or stories about his 5 years of life. He loves many different stories from the Bible as well!

  17. I love the idea of a devotional for little ones! Right now at bedtime the kids like to randomly pick out a book (last night we read the story of David and Goliath which my 3 year old loved!)

  18. My kids love any bed time storys! They will all sit on my lap and we’ll read 4 or 5 books

  19. Kristen W. says:

    My son loves to read a Bible story before going to bed. Right now we are reading through “The Gospel Story Bible.” It’s excellent!

  20. We include Bible stories at bedtime. Tonight we just got to the birth of Jesus! My boys were so excited. They took one look at the picture in our storybook and then told me the story!

  21. My Littles love the Jesus Storybook Bible (Every Story Whispers His Name) and they also love anything by Dr. Seuss!

  22. I think I would appreciate the tips for parents. I need all of the help I can get:)
    Be blessed:)

  23. My kids love when we read bible stories, especially when they are dramatized by mom…lol. This book looks exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! I was looking for a kid’s devotional that teaches them the basic bible stories too!!

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