Sunshine in My Soul

With about 18 inches of snow in the past two weeks, and possibly more this Saturday, the talk has been nothing but the weather! I have to agree that I’m ready for spring as much as anyone, but this old hymn just kept ruminating in my mind this week. Trust me when I say that I needed it! (Don’t ask Matt.) Anyways, the story behind the hymn, Sunshine in My Soul, is that the author, Eliza Hewitt, suffered a spinal injury and spent six months in a cast. Finally she was able to take a simple walk in the park and that walk prompted her to write these words:

There is sunshine in my soul today,
More glorious and bright
Than glows in any earthly sky,
For Jesus is my Light.

O there’s sunshine, blessed sunshine,
When the peaceful, happy moments roll;
When Jesus shows His smiling face,
There is sunshine in the soul.

Verse 2

There is music in my soul today,
A carol to my King,
And Jesus, listening, can hear
The songs I cannot sing.

Verse 3

There is springtime in my soul today,
For, when the Lord is near,
The dove of peace sings in my heart, (my emphasis)
The flowers of grace appear.

Verse 4

There is gladness in my soul today,
And hope and praise and love,
For blessings which He gives me now,
For joys “laid up” above.

Now to be completely honest with you, I would truly love for you to hear the melody to this song, because it is a classic hymn. And I LOVE classic hymns. But I couldn’t find any links that were post-worthy here. 

The point is: The words to this song desperately need applied for the next few weeks until spring. So, let’s shut our traps about the weather and be happy that we are not entering the rainy season with nothing but a cardboard box to cover our children. (Remember I preach to myself.)


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