Ring around the fall or?

Most days when I wait to pick up my children from school, I ponder over a massive tree that is in the front lawn of the school. There is no way that my arms would fit around this tree and it is so unique as it stands there, alone. It has no other accompanying foliage and just who decided to let this tree continue growing we will never know.

As I viewed it today, Ecclesiastes chapter 3 came to mind. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:” (NIV) Each season carries a new phase for trees; their entire existence revolves around the seasons. If this incredible tree were to be cut down, then we could see just how old it is. Each ring in its trunk would signify one year of age and the dark wood that produces the ring is the last to grow before fall begins. Four seasons. Periods of time that if broken down would reveal to us the tree’s daily life and growth.

God provides His children with seasons as well. You are probably all too familiar with those seasons, whether busy, waiting, special, ordinary, or eventful. Periods of time that carry a particular theme. A theme that God is impressing on you and wants you to learn so that another “ring” can be added to your trunk and your daily growth can be charted in time. So if your heart were to be exposed in the same manner as tree logs, would you have the rings to show for your spiritual age? Or is it obvious that the seasons and times have thwarted your growth instead of spurring it on?

May your spiritual growth be as the rings on this tree.

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