Revolve Tour for Teen Girls…

So I looked up the Women of Faith blog hop for this week and the question was:

Have you ever been to a Revolve event, or is there a teenage girl in your life you’d like to take?

Well, the answer is no to the first question. I’ve never been to a Revolve event; however, after viewing the link for the Revolve tour, WOW! How cool would that be?

At this point, my daughters don’t fit the age bracket, but I keep wondering in regards to the second part of the question: What about so and so? My piano students? My neighbor’s daughters? Do the teens in my church go to these events?

Then I realized WOW! again, because I have the privilege of living in a city where the Revolve tour will be held. No travelling, no overnight stay… what a neat opportunity!

So, I’m asking my blog readers to let me know if you’d be interested in going. And we’ll just get a little “girl” power going and attend my very first…

Revolve Tour! No age questioning permitted!
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  1. I’m like you….some of us “big girls” need to go!

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